25+ Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features for the iPhone SE

In this video, sakitech will share over 25+ tips, tricks and hidden features for your iPhone SE. iPhone SE is a little powerhouse and is full of incredible tips, tricks and hidden features, and in this video we will share the most attractive ones to enhance your use of the iPhone SE.

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48 Replies to “25+ Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features for the iPhone SE”

  1. azam mohamad

    Just got my SE for 90usd! What a bargain! Still got my Ip5s for my kids watching cartoon etc etc.. Love my SE so much! I run PUBG and Mobile Legend with ease with no lag at all. SE Gang 2019! Hands up!!

  2. Afif Ahmed

    If YouTube allows another thumbs up ? so I give it again and again and again, this is the type of video which is really really to the point without any fake information

  3. July Lago

    I actually think the iPhone SE was the best iPhone ever made, it’s lightweight, has a headphone jack, and fits in your pocket along with a bunch of other cool features- not everyone needs a big screen with a big price

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