25+ Tips & Tricks for iPhone 6S! 3D Touch Hidden Features

Top 25 Tips and Tricks for iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus. Must Know 3D Touch Hidden Features on iOS 9.

Hidden iOS 9 Features HERE:

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  1. Justin Arnols

    you know i love the new features on my iphone 6s….buh a would love to see they update siri so that we can interact with it more easily almost like Samsung's BIXY mahn that thinh is good…i used it on an S8 and i must say when i checked out the note 9 it was even better thank you samsung….I'm not picking sides here you know I'm still a big fan of Apple always have been…buh plz bring us new features that can come in handy for every day use….why i also love apple is that it is unlike Android that you have to wait months or even years for new software updates and shit….so plz resppnd to this and hear me out…i love to see how technology is moving forward

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