25+ Tips & Tricks for the iPhone X (That You Need to Know)

In this video, I will share 25+ Tips, Tricks and Features for the new iPhone X that you need to know.

You paid a lot of money for your iPhone X so I will make sure to give you the tips and tricks necessary to enhance your ownership.

Let’s dive in.

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42 Replies to “25+ Tips & Tricks for the iPhone X (That You Need to Know)”

  1. nasir uddin

    I was buy it.very bad phone. really i hate it.many problems are found. Main problem was its not working background app refresh. A lot of time i try this but not working. Steve i hate you and your

  2. gaminglife 26

    I can’t believe how far we have come from black and white TVs to mobile phones and can access everything’s right on your fingertips that’s pretty amazing especially the cameras…

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