3 Days with the Galaxy S10

My Samsung Galaxy S10 mini review. The S10 phones are awesome. Truely the best phone hardware on the market right now.
Samsung S10 –

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35 Replies to “3 Days with the Galaxy S10”

  1. 4biddeninja Moonjelly

    Ur actually not using the fingerprint sensor right. If u tap ur finger quickly, instead of holding ur finger on it it works immediately try and edit because a tech review giving false info is highly cringey.

  2. Dhruv

    Hey Dave this Dell Inspiron 7572 is the only laptop which uses a mx150 4gb version (while most use 2gb one) in an affordable price, would you review it ?

  3. Frost

    Thoughts on how most people outside of US have access to the exyon version only instead of the snap dragon? is the difference a game changer?

  4. redskull

    I disagree with one plus not being able to beat the s10e I feel like right now the right beside the 6t and the s10e is next gen so I can't wait for the 7 and 7t and I think they will crush the s10e when they come out

  5. Olivia Anderson

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