3 Months with the OnePlus 6! | The Tech Chap

I’ve been using the OnePlus 6 as my daily driver for the past 3 months – so how does it hold up & is the OP6 still worth buying? Amazon US: | UK:

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34 Replies to “3 Months with the OnePlus 6! | The Tech Chap”

  1. SlayR

    I hope you'll do a 6 or 12 months review since a lot of youtubers don't really care about long term usage on their phones. It would be nice for the general consumers

  2. Mafaka

    If this phone had an 5000mah battery i would keep it as my daily driver for at least 5 years… I had a lenovo p2… This phone battery rocked!!!!

  3. Mohammed Auquib Hussain A

    Even i own a one plus 6 red color 8gbw variant… I love everything about this phn.. whether it might be speed, multitasking, gaming, camera, and gestures & the best among them is the face unlock feature.. OnePlus just nailed it…

  4. Vic Tanedo

    Hey Tech Chap, I just got a Oneplus 6 and ever since I did my update IG videos would start off clear but then go blurry after 2secs into it. Have you experienced this at all or have you heard any similar complaints? Do you know any possible solutions for this at all? I've tried reaching out in the Oneplus community app but pple keep annoyingly saying it's my internet connection but I don't think that's the case. I would love your opinion on this please!

  5. Ax El

    I own this and the Galaxy Note 9 so i can hop around depending on my mood and i love my OP6 as much as my Note 9 such as the off-screen navigation gestures, dash charging and smoothness but a few gripes i have with my experience with OP6, especially compared to my Note 9.
    -facebook messenger like twice a day or so crashes/freezes my phone up for like half a minute. Not sure who's fault is it but i don't have an issue with it on my note 9.

    -it doesn't get too bright for my likings especially outdoors where I'm usually

    I got a few others but i still love it nonetheless and occasionally come back to it when i want to use something solid for the day

  6. digiobellik

    i was a bit worried to buy a One plus, but i managed ti order a One plus 6 for 340$ so i couldnt resist. hoping this thing is going to stai fast for a Long time Luke the 5 a friend of mine has is

  7. MrDidaxi

    Thumbs up.
    One, more, good vid, too many.
    Keep good stuff coming lad!
    I'm sooo annoyed by and jaded from, this massive flux of self-proclaimed "tech pundits" and all in all, sheer arrogant mouthpieces, out there… absolutely… UTTERLY disconnected
    from the everyday users' and consumers', REAL world.

    George From Hellas.

  8. Lapin Tapsa

    Speaker quality, missing wireless charging and no ip rating are the reasons why the phone is at a low price point compared to other manufactures "flagships"

  9. JJ dmd

    Swapped my iphone 8 plus to one plus 6 to gain extra cash ,,my god never expected its this good it feels lile an upgrade instead

  10. Hector Jaquez

    i think camera is not that good as videos here want to show i had it and i compared it with my s9 plus and the s9 its way better takes better shuts compared to Oneplus and the s9 design is more beatifull Than oneplus

  11. Kevin Kelly

    I have a OnePlus 5 and although I really prefer the look of the 6, I have had zero problems with my phone. Still super quick. I'm hoping to upgrade in around a year and might just get a 6 because of the headphone jack still being there. Nice review!

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