30 MORE iOS 12 – 12.1.2 Jailbreak Tweaks !

30 more iOS 12.1.2 Jailbreak tweaks. 30 tweaks compatible with iOS 12.1.2. The iOS 12 – 12.1.2 jailbreak has been released recently and these tweaks have been tested on my jailbroken iPhone X on iOS 12.1.2

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25 Free Tweaks:
Top 50 Tweaks:

iPadSwitcher: dpkg9510.github.io/
DictMojiX: udevsharold.github.io/repo/
Notifica: repo.nepeta.me
BadgeColor: repo.packix.com/
PowerFlashlight113: jcsnider.github.io/CydiaRepo/
MiDevice: repo.packix.com/
StatusBar NoX: tateu.net/repo/
CircleSettings: sparkdev.me/
Cask: rpetri.ch/repo/
LockAnim: ulioverne.github.io/
Launchtron: repo.nepeta.me
Laetus: sparkdev.me/


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33 Replies to “30 MORE iOS 12 – 12.1.2 Jailbreak Tweaks !”

  1. Dbob Bob

    1.exsto (ios 11)
    3.Am – No close
    12.App Percent
    13.Folder Color
    18.uninstall guard

    Think I missed some if anyone finds out which ones comment them

  2. ali maged

    I’ve a strange bug in iMessage: when I record a voice message or the app crash istantly or the app crash when I leave the finger (if i don’t swipe up, I lose the message, if I swipe up the messagge is sent but still crash)

    The strange thing is that I’ve tried to uninstall ALL TWEAKS and removed with iCleaner the plists files but with no luck!

    Unc0ver with tweak disabled in jailbreaking is still affected by this problem 🙁

    How can I fix it?????

  3. Nicolas Bedoya

    En el minuto 9:01 (BetterShutDown).

    Una mejor opción sería (MorePowerOptions) ya que muestra adicional a estos 3 modos, el (Modo Seguro). Y el punto más importante de todos; con (MorePowerOptions) solo puede ser ejecutado con el iPhone desbloqueado. Ósea que si el celular está bloqueado no podría apagarse al menos que se descargue la batería o desbloquees la pantalla. (Esto es muy bueno en cuanto a seguridad). Ya que si por alguna circunstancia nuestro celular se nos queda en algún lugar o es hurtado. La persona no podrá apagar el celular al menos que la batería se descargue o desbloquee el celular como lo antes mencionado.

    In the minute 9:01 (BetterShutDown). A better option would be (MorePowerOptions) since it shows additional to these 3 modes, the (Safe Mode). And the most important point of all; with (MorePowerOptions) can only be executed with the iPhone unlocked. If the cell phone is locked it could not be turned off unless the battery is discharged or the screen unlocks. (This is very good in terms of security). Because if for some reason our cell phone stays somewhere or is stolen. The person can not turn off the cell phone unless the battery is unloaded or unlocks the cell phone as mentioned above.

  4. Friday

    Don't install lockanim, it hasnt been updated for ios12 and causes random resprings. It isnt terrible or anything but it will randomly respring like 3-5 times a day while its enabled

  5. chevy4lifeee

    I’ve noticed that lowpowerDND works on iPads too so if y’all want low power mode on iPad this is the way to go but make sure y’all uncheck disable lpm with dnd in settings

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