$300 iPhone 8 Restoration – Full of dirt!

Restoring a $300 iPhone 8 to brand new condition.
Pro Tech Tool Kit:

Magnetic Mat:


47 Replies to “$300 iPhone 8 Restoration – Full of dirt!”

  1. Tim Sikora

    Need some help, How much Should I be paying for a screen repair on an iPhone 7? The scratches are super thin and I thought I’d repair it before selling it. Or is it better to sell the phone for cheaper Unrepaired ?

  2. Gamer Bros.

    I have a product red iPhone 8 I got it brand new so it’s a coincidence I watch your YouTube channel and have the same iPhone from the video and am still currently using it

  3. Unboxing Reaction

    Just a word of warning for those trying to repair their screens, I would strongly advise against using third-party displays as True Tone is disabled and the picture/screen quality and the colours it produces are not that accurate compared to the original one made by Apple.

  4. Joseph K

    $300??? You got severely ripped off. A refurbished iphone 8 in decent condition is worth $300. An iphone like this is worth about $50.

  5. Cesar S. Chavez

    My friend works construction and this amount of dirt on the phone does not compare at all to my friends. He has otter box that is caked with dirt and scratches as well as the phone itself

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