40+ Features & Changes in iOS 12.2 for iPhone & iPad

Apple has just released the iOS 12.2 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This update has many features and changes and AppleInsider walks you through them.
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42 Replies to “40+ Features & Changes in iOS 12.2 for iPhone & iPad”


    Anybody else have a now playing bug on their phone? I will have Apple Music playing and when my phone is locked I am unable to control the music from the locked screen dialogue. The music will be playing but it will still have the play (instead of the pause) button there as if the music was not playing.

  2. Haman Movafagh

    I noticed something else as well. With my phone and Apple TV up to date, I can tell Siri to play a purchased movie on my Apple TV. I just said “Hey Siri, play (movie title) on the tv.” That was really cool! The bummer, I updated my HomePod as well and I can’t use that command. I would have loved that.

  3. Michelle Beach

    I updated and it knocked out both my text and phone access!! Anyone know how to fix this?? All these features aren't great if you can't even access the internet or call.

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