$400 iPhone SE VS $400 ANDROID Smartphone – What do you get?

The iPhone SE brings a ton of value at $400 but what do you get when you spend $400 on an Android Smartphone? This is also my review of the TCL 10 Pro – a new budget device that has really decent specs.

TCL 10 Pro:

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32 Replies to “$400 iPhone SE VS $400 ANDROID Smartphone – What do you get?”

  1. ElektroHax

    For the TCL smartphone, you forgot to mention that it has treble GSI support, meaning that you can install Generic system images with the latest android version.

  2. CCsWorld1

    One thing you forgot to mention is UPDATES. The SE will probably have up to dates updates for the next 4-5 years. On the other hand, how knows about the TCL

  3. Akshay Jumani

    This video made me realise that Apple needs to make a budget MacBook. If I want to get trapped into an ecosystem, I'd rather do it with a current phone like the iPhone 11 and a budget mac pc, than a redesigned phone, overpriced headphones and a gimmicky watch.

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