$400 Pocophone F1 vs $1100 iPhone XS Max

The Apple iPhone XS Max is a great smartphone but can a much cheaper Pocophone stack up?
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 on Amazon:
The full Pocophone F1 durability test:

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49 Replies to “$400 Pocophone F1 vs $1100 iPhone XS Max”

  1. Đức Anh Hoàng

    Why is it that every single phone camera that I prefer over the other people would always say the exact opposite? I like the pictures above from the Pocophone more than the iPhone but Austin said the iPhone camera is better, also he didn't mention the "Apple knows best" camera auto beautify bug (did I say bug, I mean feature cough* cough*)

  2. VOC

    I own Poco F1 and in my area Sadar, Nagpur, India people think i am rich because i own Poco F1. 🙂 But i know the truth.

  3. Prodromos Regalides

    First you don't compare pocophone with iphone xs but with iphone x for obvious reasons. Second, even doing this comparison pocophone's gpu still smokes iphone's xs gpu even though iphone's gpu is one generation ahead. Pocophone has a slower cpu, which does not affect by any measure perceived performance as this depends much on the speed of storage and ram by far at phones. This is why antutu which is a collective score of performance reaches between 285000 and 300000 on pocophone . IphoneX reaches only 250000 and is the true contemporary of pocophone. So, pocophone is not only worth a fraction of Apple's offerings , it is also faster by as much as 20%.
    Iphone XS' soc reaches an overall score of ~ 350 to 360 k on Antutu. So it is about 15-20 percent faster, than pocophone . But its internals are made on a 7nm process. Wait a little untill pocophone 2 incorporates the 7nm snapdragon 855 made on 7nm. We will have the laugh our lives.

  4. ben owen

    The Pocophone F1 destroys the overpriced iPhone XS Max, it runs Android, and has a headphone jack and more RAM along with expandable storage and the Pocophone F1 even beats the OnePlus 6T as well.

  5. Shameer 9606

    Who else watching in poco phone???? if ur budget is under 30k then go for poco without a second thought. Its better than iphone x which costs more than a lack ?.
    Poco ❤

  6. Martin Angelo Mooney

    iphone is faster? don't rely on fake benchmarks. do an actual speed test opening apps. even the face unlock is faster than face id no matter how fast you swipe up. the $300 phone is the smart choice

  7. Levi Trap

    Is there anyone in Australia with this phone? I would like to know what the reception would be like. That’s probably the only thing holding me back from buying this thing.

  8. sonicblast19

    I don't understand why do people still compare iOS and Android. At this point the OS and devices do vastly different things on a more advanced manner, well at least the Android does.
    If you are a base user it won't really matter which phone you buy, a Pocofone or an S9 or an iPhone, you go by what appeals to you the most. Today every mid range phone is fast and does multitasking perfectly.
    The true differences are in the details, while the iOS is a more closed and controlled environment, Android is more open. You can do shit like emulate consoles (up to the Wii and even light 3DS) and run unsigned apps. With a root you can even emulate other SoC to play their exclusives games, overclock your device and customize it to your licking, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE.
    But at the end of the day, if you use your phone for web browsing, youtube and normal shit just freaking go with whatever catters to your budget and liking.

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