5 Advanced Hidden Features – Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we take a look at 5 hidden features in the Galaxy Note 10 Series. These are a little more advanced, fun and useful.

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31 Replies to “5 Advanced Hidden Features – Samsung Galaxy Note 10”

  1. D J

    All of these great features….and we still can't get continuous notifications of any sort unless we download an app😒

  2. Brian

    I really want to love this phone, but it's the android apps. that keep me going back to iOS. The apps are just more polished and less buggy than on Android unfortunately. So far, the apps in question are: Ring, WeMo, Twitter, and Kik messenger. I have both the iPhone and note 10+ and tested this extensively. Furthermore, now there's an issue updating facebook. I have to clear the cache and data of facebook and the play store. Not good. Twitter still can't figure out how to go into dark mode at sunset.

  3. 贾炳锐

    The 5th exposure control is not there because the tracking auto focus is turned on. Turn the tracking AF off and u can still one touch and change exposure.

  4. k brooks

    I love the call, Web search or e mail actions within Samsung notes, its similar to what was in action memo. One annoying thing is if I edit a note, it comes with the keyboard by default and I have to change it to pen input , this is a note phone, so the pen should always come up first, but I can't find any way to change it.


    I'm impressed… Just when I thought I knew everything about my Note 10 Plus 😀 My fav is the picture in tasks / side panel. I also put a couple pics of my puppy Luna. She's Daddys little girl lol Great Video as always!

  6. Darrel Froman

    #1 all things Samsung, you are, I was a LG fanboy since the 3 and moved to Samsung @ 9+ (i get a phone every year) because i purchased a Gear S3 after not wanting LG's fat watch. (I had three ASUS smart watches prior) (and a Martin) but I won't update to the Galaxy watch because I love the Samsung Pay on the G3. (just put yur watch next to the machine, tada!) But I'm thinking I might acutualy wait until the Note 20 just because I still use my wired MX50 headphones (Audio Technica's).(OBY, new updates Good Lock today in the USA for several apps.) Cheers!

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