5 Amazing iPhone 7 Plus Tips & Tricks You Aren't Using (2)

In this video saki will share 5 amazing and useful tips and tricks that you aren’t using. Learn these tips and tricks for your iPhone to enchance your experience.

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WATCH PART ONE of 5 iPhone Amazing Tips:

WATCH PART THREE of 5 More Amazing Tips:

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25 Replies to “5 Amazing iPhone 7 Plus Tips & Tricks You Aren't Using (2)”

  1. Rachel Cook

    I love this phone it looks GREAT but it also works very well.>>>ur2.pl/1233 I did not by it on this account but I would get this phone instead of the 8 plus. This phone is like Cadillac of phones and the camera on the back makes it look so cool. I bought 3 to give for birthday presents and they loved them. My friend has a Samsung and my phone beat the camera

  2. jordan K

    Can anyone here help me please I just got my iPhone 7 plus I can't transfer my videos and my maseges to it from the old 6plus I did the backup from the iPhone 6 to my laptop thanks a lot

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