5 Design Tips for Better Backgrounds (iOS, Xcode 8)

In this video I give you 5 tips to building better backgrounds for your iOS apps. Backgrounds can enhance your iOS apps but if done incorrectly can distract users from your content.

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36 Replies to “5 Design Tips for Better Backgrounds (iOS, Xcode 8)”

  1. cylenalag

    Thanks for the ideas! I managed to use one idea you haven't directly mentioned, but used it in multiple anti-examples: Use background images to spice up an otherwise lackluster one-color/one-texture background! Now to see if Apple will like it… And maybe feature me? Idk.

  2. Viktor Kuzmanov

    From where can I download that DesignableX group with all of the classes that you have so I can use some of these design tips in my app ? Also I just began to design my app and I don't know how to design everything (all viewControllers) in kind of the same style so it matches because now I'm just adding random background to each viewController without matching it with the others viewControllers background. Do you have any tips here ?

  3. Joshua Reeves

    Hey Mark, thanks for the awesome tutorials. You present with clarity and brevity. One quick tip for adding texture(s) to images is to change the blending mode. Using 'overlay', 'screen', or others like 'soft light' on the texture layer can create a really nice effect. And from there you can tweak individual parameters.

  4. Suad Alshukairi

    thanks for your interesting video
    I have one question
      when I reduce the alpha on the view it affects   the subviews going down to it  how to solve this ?

  5. Stig A

    Hey Mark! Thanks for such awesome tips! I noticed your UIViewX has a lot more options such as "horizontal gradiance" and "shadow opacity, offset & color". I was wondering if you could show the code behind giving such options as you did with some of your other resource classes?

  6. A Guy

    Keep it up please you awesome, I really enjoy your videos and apply all of them in fact for me they are kindda easy, I want you to make a videos on core data, I really need it.

  7. Tarvo mäesepp

    I suggest you website like https://www.pexels.com . You are allowed to do what ever you want with the images without thinking about getting into the trouble. I've done swift a long time and experienced with storyboards but I saw first time that I can change alpha from the storyboard, thanks for that, I like your weekly tips 🙂 I am sure u knew the website but maybe someone else finds it useful (Y)

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