5 Features iOS 12 does better than Android Pie

Here are 5 features that iOS 12 does better than Android Pie!
▶ 5 Features that Android Pie does better than iOS 12:


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48 Replies to “5 Features iOS 12 does better than Android Pie”

  1. Victor C

    I will say that Apple and their products can be compared to a Ferrari handling your task – smooth & nice but only an a highway with no turns. Yup, Apple is good … at what Apple lets you be good at. If you want to multitask and get things done and climb over obstacles and run victory laps in the harshest of conditions … Get a Pixel with stock Android. Again – Apple – controlled tasks and efficiency following very strict conditions at a luxury price. Android – freedom and flexibility (innovation) at range of prices. I personally cannot stand to be chained to there is only one way…. So I will always be Android – and the Pixel line offers instant updates + free storage.

  2. iiamCÀŁƏB S.R

    Bad battery
    No freedom
    No widgets
    No fast charging included
    No headphones included
    No headphone jack
    Charging cable that breaks every month
    No true darkmode
    Ridiculously high price
    Over priced damage repairs
    That ugly notch
    Big bezels
    Purposeful slowing of devices after 1 yr

    Think this APPLE IS BETTER ?

  3. Elder 987419

    The best feature ik of is jumping from any app to any other app in the edge panel. With the gestures though its kind of a toss up i mean if you can jump from any app to any other app why would you need to scroll through your apps. Its pointless unless you are using just two or three apps to do it. Which samsung and android could implement by sliding from the corner horizontally and scrolling. As for the navigation bar gestures and the recents samsung could do the same as it is a little hard to reach with one hand on the far left of the screen. So swipe up to go home. Long swipe up to show recents. Samsung could one up apple by allowing users to choose which apps in there recent apps tab to favorite in the scrolling menu (the horizontal swipe and scroll from side of screen) so that way they dont refresh

  4. szybkie auto

    I don’t know why people are choosing whats app or telegram over messenger, this has a lot of cool features and look much more nicer than the other apps

  5. Juan Carlos Alpízar

    Honestly, android security nowadays is pretty competent with Google Play Protect bound to the Google Play Services and the security updates, fragmentation would be more of an issue. On the face unlock thing, it was on the OnePlus 6 only, and many people tried to recreate the scenario and couldn't fool the device, maybe an update fixed it. I have a OnePlus 6T, tried it with a photo on a screen and it failed to unlock, so…

  6. David Alv

    ? but tell me you can download music without itune fuck you fanboy, and at least android has tone of different divices and iphone is the same shit every year just change color and camara then the same shit

  7. Vinay Wadhwa

    iMessage is one example of how Apple is abusing its power. Apple can release an Android version of iMessage, but they won't bcoz this is one thing that is stoping American people to switch to much better Android options. And I really don't understand why Americans don't use Whatsapp or any other Messenger that works independent of their OS. I just wish google takes down Youtube from App Store, to teach Apple a very good lesson. Coz people will leave iMessage easily for YouTube.

  8. Raghavendra Aithal

    Apple gives you full freedom of call recording and the True collar when I switch from Note 9 to Apple.I'm a Indian.

    There is no question of poverty here. Only our requirements. Apple does not need to imposed on this type of law on India. We need a phone that fits our need. Money is here negligible.Call Recording Crime in America. But in India, call recording is not a crime. So Indians want a call recording. This should be understood by the Apple company.Indians want a call recording for their business and many needs. If Apple does not allow it, why should Indians buy it?Changing time is a natural process. The Indians are not responsible for the fact that the buyers of the Indian manufacturers who have made Apple's customers not only buy it.Indians depend on the need for more than money. How expensive they buy money that completely fills their need.

  9. Smokeyy

    i´ve never, ever seen anyone ever use imessage here in austria and the places i know ppl from. for real. its exclusivly whatsapp or some other 3rd party messagner for those ppl who have personal issues with all the privacy problems that facebook represents.
    In addition to that, its kind of counterproductive to make a closed ecosystem. That´s just unacceptable here. inefficient. Also, talking austria, not all of europe, theres way more money to be spent on phones. So the majority doesnt even bother with the price points, and goes straight to OnePlus (starting with the OP5T) and Samsung (from galaxy series on). Android isnt branded a budget phone here, its just another phone. Thus apple never got that premium feeling you ppl have in the States. It began good, and then it became worse. Now its really is just a weird expensice fragile galss pice and noone wants to deal with this software anymore. Its all fancy and cut down to essential but not practical or configurable.
    GlHf US, but please concider binning those bc ur mainly keeping the brand alive.

  10. Evoniics

    Here in europe everyone uses Whats App, personally I like iMessage much more. Looks cleaner and has some beautiful features that didn't exist on WA.

  11. Lada.

    Force Touch isn't available on the Xr, and iMessage really is just the Apple ecosystem, not really something that iOS is better at than Android.
    The other three are good points though.

  12. Matt Bell

    An Android device is your device, you paid for it, it's yours. Do with it what you want to do.
    An iOS device is Apples device that you've paid the privilege to use. Only do with it what Apple allows you to do.
    If this never changes I just can't bring myself to ever buy an iOS device!

  13. 2SaucyUtuber Vlogs

    How is it that android people hate everything that looks like, acts like, or thinks like apple but they are ok with android os copy almost everything we do and then just live with it. If you guys realy like android then you would say something about all this copyright.

  14. Benjameen Benjamin

    I love iMessage. It's the only reason i stick to iOS. One time my friend lost his phone and all his contacts – but the iMessage me thru email link to our accounts to get in touch. It's kinda neat

  15. Lars Verstraete

    So basically iOS is just ahead of the curve all the time and android is trying to catch up all the time with some weird gimmicks that dont look like shit. But hey Androids have ''customizations'' wow!

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