5 Features that Android Pie does better than iOS 12

Here are 5 features that Android Pie does better than iOS 12! Thumbs up if you want to see 5 features that iOS 12 does better than Andorid 9.0! Enjoy!
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28 Replies to “5 Features that Android Pie does better than iOS 12”

  1. Mason Charbonneau

    IOS sucks ass!
    Apple use to be miles ahead of Android.
    Not anymore. Apple requires you to buy their products all else be damned.

    So getting Android to work on all of your platforms is flawless.

    Sorry Apple Fan boys but your "eco system" is a dog shit scam!

  2. jm_acura100

    simple people like simplicity which is why they go for iPhones. 

    this is also the reason why apple hasn't been very innovative with iPhones since iPhone 6…

  3. The Absolute Madman

    Customization is highly over-rated. I have to work with people and their phones every day. Android users routinely lose track of their apps and have a very difficult time navigating their systems. iPhone users generally know how everything works and can easily help each other out because all iPhones work the same. If you work in customer service you know that standardization is life-saving, especially if you work with elderly people. Novelty is only fun for tech-geeks; for everyone else it’s just a source of frustration. In my experience people are VERY resistant to even simple changes and will give up using software within seconds if it doesn’t work exactly as expected. I just wish Apple would put a weather widget on the lock screen so I could always know the temperature and weather conditions at a glance. Other than that I love the simplicity of iOS and thank God people use it so much in my line of work.

  4. Richard Messenger

    I agree and … disagree.

    Isn't it one of those situations where strength is also a weakness?

    Apple's tight control of all things iOS gives great consistency, reliability and an overall feel of quality.

    It also means that the user is severely restricted in terms of what the can do.

    You pays your money …

  5. TheLawrence05

    I used Android for years had Samsungs and a HTC. Now though I have an iPhone Xs and I will NEVER go back to Android, never again, why? Cus Android doesnt care about quality, UI, build quality and user experience. Android phones always crashed on me when I really needed them like getting a girls number or at a Job interview, shit just went frozen or just started to get warm in my pocket. Android is not really something you wanna have in your pocket when going out!

  6. Watcher

    People complain about iPhones before 5s not getting newest iOS update, released way longer than 2 years ago. Then they switch to Android for that reason. Getting support only 2 years max.
    No, I'm not talking about custom ROMs. I'm talking about the updates you get from the manufacturer of your phone.
    Ever stopped to think about people that want their phones to be on the newest OS version without having to tinker around?

  7. Krazy Tube

    IOS is only enjoyable if you have full connectivity but turn off the wifi on any apple products 100% you will get bored right away aside from playing games there's absolutely nothing you can do to play with the software.

  8. pricey0986ify

    I can't tell which is which lol, why have they made Andoid look so much like iOS? Does no one have any original ideas? I hate that the clock at the top is on the left now, not the right along side the battery icon

  9. Wybrem

    I really like that screen call feature! Would love that in iOS as well. Other than that, I don't get the point of the discussion of which is better. iOS is better if you're more than just a phone pleb for it syncs beautifully with your Mac and other Apple devices and even Windows to some extend. Android simply does not deliver on that. Android is essentially spyware just like all Google services, and most phones are bad copies of the iPhone, just like the Pixel 3. I mean it's such an obvious copy…. I try Android phones from time to time in the stores but they are all STILL to this day so laggy with their animations etc. The fact that YOU'RE the product for Google and that it does not sync like my iPhone and Mac do is a problem. Android is overal inferior quality, you have to use apps like Whatsapp or stick to texting lmfao. Whatsapp crompresses all your photos and videos to 1650×720 or something low like that, like 1080p is tech from 1999 it should be at least 4K by now. I'm not asking send the full 12MP photo. but 4K my god. iMessage is light years ahead on that.

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