5 Google Keep Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier (Mobile App)

Using Google Keep on your mobile device may be the easiest way to capture and manage your notes. But do you know these 5 tips? In this video, Scott Friesen shows you his favorite ways to get the most out of the Google Keep mobile app.

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Scott Friesen is a productivity specialist and founder of Simpletivity training and consulting. He is also a prolific public speaker, workshop leader, and time management coach.

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49 Replies to “5 Google Keep Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier (Mobile App)”

  1. Barry Sluiters

    Thanks that was very useful… would love to know if keep can be used with Siri. All my reminders that I dictate too Siri end up in the iOS default reminders.

  2. Thierry N

    Great video and great tips, as usual. Thank you Scott. 🙂
    A quick question for you. Although it's possible to use the search function to find a note containing a specific term, I cannot figure out how to search for that term then in the selected note. There's no longer a search function once you've opened a note. Do you know a way around that? The only alternative I've found is to open Keep in a web browser and then, once the note is open, use the CTRL-F function to search for a term. But nothing in the mobile app itself. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Brent T

    Great tips! I've never tried to voice feature, I did not know that it would convert it to text. I can see how that would be very handy.

  4. Jim Gill

    question, I have taken several pictures on my phone using Google Keep and none of the pics show up on the desktop version when I log into my laptop. They are on my phone, but they do not show up on my desktop. How might I fix this?

  5. Herashima X

    i know all these.
    next video about keep should be what things to save in google keep (what notes to write and what information to put in the app as a note)

  6. Brian Girard

    I use the "Grab text from image" all the time. I never used the audio feature before but would like to. Do you know if I can use this while driving hands-free? For some reason all my ideas come to me while I am driving. Any Ideas?

  7. Malcolm Wickham

    I use "OK Google" – "Take a note" or "Note to self". As Google Keep is my default notes app, it will save the audio file directly in there and convert it to text. Amazing!

  8. Robert Mangum

    Thank you for the tips. I am using Google Keep more and more and seeing the features being used is so helpful. I often get caught up in my day and forget about the other buttons and features. I appreciate the time and effort you put into explaining things.

  9. Freestyleliving

    I want to know if you know away when you say okay Google make a note if you talk slow or you stop talking it ends it is there a way to make it where you say and or something when you're done talking that is really annoying when I'm trying to think of what to say to make complex notes and if you do know how to do it I feel like it would greatly benefit you to make a video saying how to keep OK Google from cutting you off

  10. Stephen Mason

    Thanks for these tips, Scott. Grab image text is great. I snap a lot of photos of information boards in museums. This makes reading them later a lot easier than scrolling around photos!

  11. Michael West

    Great tips. I didn't know about the text grab. I would add that you can have many separate Google keep accounts by adding new or different Gmail accounts if you want. For example one just for all notes and task for work, and another for personal. I now just use tags for that but others may find that useful. Waiting for exporting emails from Gmail to keep.

  12. Michael Neild

    I truly enjoy these very useful tips that apply to the various apps. I often use Google Keep notes. The best tip for me was the one about grabbing an image. I was unaware of this function in Keep and will be using it just to discover it's various uses. I use Keep notes on my mobile devices, I find it most useful when I am using my Chromebook. I often use Keep notes in conjunction with Google Docs, so maybe a video of tips on how to take advantage of the integration between Keep notes and Google Docs would be helpful. I also find the presentation of these videos to most excellent!!! Happy New Year and have a BLESSED Year!!!

  13. Tinomentoll

    Other apps Share… to Keep. Wanna save that news story? Hit Share and send it to Keep. Wanna watch that YouTube vid later? Hit Share and Keep. Bookmark a site, save a funny image, or follow up on a product later – Share is ubiquitous and you send it to Keep

    Keep has become my all bookmarking tool that I can use over multiple devices, browsers, and apps. It's even easy to make a reminder later in case you might forget about this or that site or story.

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