5 iPhone 7 Plus Tips & Tricks You Never Heard Of

Here are 5 iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 tips that you have never heard of.

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Enjoy the tips and tricks.

44 Replies to “5 iPhone 7 Plus Tips & Tricks You Never Heard Of”

  1. Joao Machado

    I love this phone it looks GREAT but it also works very well.>>>ur2.pl/1233 I did not by it on this account but I would get this phone instead of the 8 plus. This phone is like Cadillac of phones and the camera on the back makes it look so cool. I bought 3 to give for birthday presents and they loved them. My friend has a Samsung and my phone beat the camera

  2. ma aquino

    hi is the phone u are using now is iphone 7 plus? becoz i just purchased iphone 7 plus and when you are demonstrating I have them as well but they were not exactly the same location in my iphone 7 plus. just asking becoz i might have bought a wrong iphone 7 plus. thanks

  3. Janet Paparelli

    I was happy to find you and created a playlist of your 7plus tips. I like your presentation because you repeat important things, speak slowly & enunciate, and consider that part of your followers are non-techie, like me.

  4. xFamous

    At 1:35 when you said that "If i go to the basement that number is going to increase"
    Thats wrong, if you go to the basement and number changes from a -94 to a -150 that number is going to decrease.
    Pin this.
    This is Knowledge people 😀
    Yeey Stoned..

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