5 Neat Tips to Charge Your iPhone Faster

In this video, I cover some cool tips and tricks to get your iphone’s battery to charge faster. Most people don’t know that simply plugging your phone into your computer isn’t the best way to charge it.

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47 Replies to “5 Neat Tips to Charge Your iPhone Faster”

  1. Alex ROBLOX

    Guys ima make a future iPad and iPhone in the future and guess what?
    I’m add the charger and the charger will charge your phone or iPad IN A MINUTE:)

  2. Natalie Edits

    Honestly I’m here because last night I accidentally forgot to charge my phone and it charges really fast. But I woke up with it at 1% and it’s taking FOREVER to charge

  3. Tkn Um

    You know my phone's weird cuz when I turn down the brightness… it doesn't even charge fast but when I turn the brightness all the way up it charges faster!!!! :3

  4. xHazelx 1

    One time my cousins phone was to hot so he put it in the freezer with ice on it.And my aunt his mom was going into the freezer and she was like “who’s phone is this” my cousin was like “mine it was hot” that was funny ?

  5. Lukey Boy

    I'm so glad I upgraded from the 6 to the xr because on the 6 I was at 70% then I walked down to my pals house (5min walk) and I wasn't on my phone until I got there and I was at 12%

  6. Kitty CatGamer :D

    Thanks!? I got the iPhone 8 Like 6 month ago and it didn’t charge fast but this helped me and I did took it to the apple store ? and is good like it charges in a hour ?✋??

  7. Richard Caldwell

    Thanks for that Airplane mode right????.took your advice …. i dont own an ipad so i dont have the i pad charger to go with it…just used my normal charger…low @ 16% went Airplane mode was charged 100% within 40 mins…so i ask whats the point of this vid

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