5 Reasons to Buy a Nokia 9 PureView – The best smartphone camera!

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What does the Nokia 9 and Leica M9-M have in common besides the “9” in the name? If you guessed Monochrome Raw DNGs you are correct!
In this video I talk about that and also list four other reasons to why I bought this smartphone.


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36 Replies to “5 Reasons to Buy a Nokia 9 PureView – The best smartphone camera!”

  1. Marika Luis

    Finally someone who understands the benefit the RAW concept what Nokia has. And all those ppl that complain about phone not doing this or that.. Well as a beautician and ex administrator who works with humans daily basis seeing what they do with those smartphones … i have came into conclusion that why do the general public needs them at all. The brand value, to show off that yeah i have this and that .. but in real they just use those to call, sms, surf web and video call and thatś basically it. And most even do not know how to use pro modes in their phonecams.. so why to even bother.

    Nokia ( all those pure-view ones ) have geared towards enthusiasts and someone as just general user nearly never understood.
    And by the way , the Pure-views actually perked up my interest to dive deeper into photography/videography and editing.. what none of the so called big Brands never have managed to do.. not even the real photo cameras!

  2. HseOChin

    Just bough now starting to use my new Nokia 9 PV. Managed to update all the way to Android 10 with June 2020 security updates.

    Also managed to put in 4 different fingerprint records so far..due to the underscreen concept nature of the fingerprint scanner in this model + the Nokia Pure Display setting overlay applying to the screen, I have to wonder the extent to which such display adjustments on the screen surface can affect the sensitivity / responsiveness of the fingerprint scanner?? My initial observations would be that the Pure Display settings at the time of fingerprints storage recording should also be the SAME as when the fingerprint scanner is subsequently used in order to avoid any possible 'false negatives' thus failure to authenticate which i seem to encounter as 2 out of the 4 fingerprint saved samples I did when under different Pure Display profile setting..those 2 samples consistently failed to 'pass' the fingerprint scan to unlock device while the other 2 fingerprint samples (done under same Pure Display setting) consistently result in a 'pass'. More evaluations underway before I can derive any further usable approaches in using the underscreen fingerprint scanner for this model I'll say ?!

    In overall nevertheless my experience with my Nokia 9PV remains very impressively positive especially in the camera aspect when I took some imaging samples of a same object / place with my 9PV & my Huawei-Leica P20Pro device in comparison…end result I find the Nokia 9PV produces with superior exposure & colour accuracy, comparable if not superior sharpness too, despite the fact that the image fusion approach results in slight processing time lag ?!

  3. Dalvinder Basi

    Thank you kindly for your video, like most of your videos I enjoyed this one too. Most of all it's refreshing to hear about a smartphone camera from a photographer, rather than the junky information you get about smartphone cameras from YouTube smartphone reviewers.
    To get to the point, I have searched everywhere for a camera that is responsibly priced that takes real monochromatic photos. I then went on to search smartphones with monochromatic sensors, as you know there is not much choice. I actually have one, the Huwai P20 Pro. But you know what I am going to say next, whilst the it's a superb camera for a smartphone, but it doesn't allow you to shoot, raw images with its monochromatic sensor.
    I only came across the Nokia 9 a few weeks ago but ignored it for some reason at the time. Having seen your video, I am really serious about purchasing it, I love black and white photography. I have had professional level cameras, and I still own one now, I love it, but I think I would really enjoy using the Nokia 9.
    Would you still recommend it after using it for a while?

  4. Sander Werensteijn

    Very nice review! I watched your Nokia Lumia reviews a lot back in the day and was a big Lumia fan. Now, i bought the Nokia 9. Your review was the one that sold me over. Ik get it today! Keep up the good work! Stay safe and greetings from the Netherlands!

  5. AshkerTalks

    during my high school n college days i worked as a mobile technician, those nokia hardwares were head of any brands those days i still remember camera sensors for N95,N73,N81 were massive,nokia withdrawal from market is real hit for consumer

  6. Fabrice Jacob

    Nice review. I really like the content of your canal with a nice if old and new photographic gems. I saw that you also did a review of the Panasonic cm1. Which one of them is best in term of photography: pana cm1 vs nokia 9? Thanks

  7. Dennis Bautembach

    1. Do you have access to the raw image files?, can you edit them in LR? 2. Can I use an external (hot-shoe) speedlight with this? I'm basically waiting for a phone with these capabilities to replace my X100T..

  8. Lucas Rodmo

    I want this phone just because the monochrome. I always dreamed about the Monochrome Leica, and nobody in the industry was brave to bring this to an affordable level. This is the format of my dreams for a real monochrome setup.


    Thank you that video. My nokia pureview us arriving tomorrow. Cant wait to try the cameras. Do you have a case for yours if so what would you recommend..

  10. Vince Leonard Conde

    I can't wait on Nokia 9 to be released here in the Philippines😍

    Edited: Thanks for the great unbiased review, it is so helpful to satisfy my confusions in picking which phone will I buy in 2020😊

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