5 Reasons To BUY the iPhone XR!

Here’s 5 Reasons to Buy the iPhone XR. I know a lot of people have flaking on the phone but it definitely has very similar specs to the iPhone XS. PS Let me know which color you prefer!


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34 Replies to “5 Reasons To BUY the iPhone XR!”

  1. Karl Conrad

    I know there was a lot of buzz around the phone and how poor the display is. You can only really notice a difference when you are staring at it closely and I think most people that do end up grabbing it won't even notice the difference. I think we are so focused on specs in the tech space that it becomes the main focus problem. Regardless, it isn't the sharpest or clearest display but it still has the same internals as the much more expensive XS. Not to mention it comes in some awesome colours! Which would you grab?

  2. Techkid720

    Ya. They won’t notice (oblivious) the ppi also won’t know it has no 3D Touch also won’t notice the camera isn’t the same (Not as shown) they will find out

  3. Goldmines Movies

    I think it doesn’t really makes a difference for average customer outside of tech community cuz iPhone 8 for inference has same display as 10r and nobody complained about it.

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