5 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 9 DESTROYS the iPhone Xs Max

In this video, I will give you 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 destroys the iPhone Xs Max.

Both the Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone Xs Max are the best smartphones you can buy from the 2 giants, so it’s best to know reasons why one is better.

Let’s dive in.

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40 Replies to “5 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 9 DESTROYS the iPhone Xs Max”

  1. protectorofillinois3

    That damn notch on the iPhone is one of the reasons I've switched to the Galaxy Note 9 (the 512GB/8GB RAM version). It's very distracting. Another reason – Samsung's phones have card slots to add additional storage. IPhones don't have that option at all.

  2. Talha Faisal

    This is the dumbest video I've ever seen. Only the s pen reason was valid while other 4 reason are dumb as shit. Not liking the notch is your opinion while many people love the notch and you are supposed to tell the exact reasons not you opinions. Now if you look at storage then just tell me something, have your ever used up all the storage on 128 gb device? No one can fill his phone completely with that much storage and note 9 offering 512 gb rom does not make it better than iPhone x. And then getting note 9 on your computer reason is valid for very very minor amount of people because no one needs that function. And did anyone notice that this guy never mentioned any good thing about internal performance because this guy knows that iphone is way faster than note 9 and iphones camera is way better than note 9 and iphones security system is way better than note 9. And I end this with this guys last reason. Because iphone has way better inernal and external features, it deserves to be that expensive and don't mislead the audience. I'll make my own list on 5 reasons iPhone is way better than the note. Here it is

    1) It does not have that dumb bixby button which you can't even turn off.
    2) It is faster and more responsive.
    3) It has way better camera than note.
    4) It cannot catch virus like note.
    5) It does not explode or catch fire like the note.

  3. David Alv

    Note 9, iphone is good but its system is too closed, and just people who dont like custumization and some other stuff for free support iphone, isnt better is a fact to get used to it

  4. Jpn Tky

    I am a note 9 owner and love all features but was disappointed when I found out in built speakers are of lower quality then iPhone X s range. Songs from IPhone sounded so much better with good bass. When I tested both phone, found IPhone starts to play from about 30hz, note 9 couldn't hear till 80hz. Love my bass so was bitterly disappointed. Let me know if someone Found similar result.

  5. Wasantha Wimaladharma

    That's the reality iPhone market is crashing every where around the world and apple people pumping money to conceal that truth. And it is the same reason for both facts below
    (1)latest iPhones with junk features and cutting important features like 3.5mm Jack.
    (2) unusually expensive in latest I phone products. They need money to pump

  6. JayeVale

    Gone from htc, to galaxy, to lg, and then to iPhone, Samsung is by far my favorite, looking to go back between the note 9 and the new s10. I’m probably leaning more towards the note 9!

  7. Username Password

    People that buy an iPhone are just insecure simpletons who need to belong to a "I got ripped off too club" with other iPhone users. Most android phones are far superior to apple's same product year after year. However, that's like talking about religion. No thanks. To each their own.

  8. Florencio Lavadia Jr

    I agree with what you said and that is why I went from an Apple 7 plus to a Note 9 upgrade. I made that upgrade the beginning of this month. I researched and compared the Note 9 vs the Xs Max for a long time. You slam dunked it Saki with those 5 key points. Great video and keep it up!

  9. D R

    Fuck Samsung! Tried using a Samsung phone several times in the past just to experience Android and find out why others prefer Android. Always went back to using an iPhone. I won’t get fooled again!

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