5 Reasons Why iPad Pro 11" is the Way To Go! (iPadOS)

I posted a reallllly long form factor comparison between the iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ about a month ago. And while that video is valuable (and I suggest you watch it) today I wanted to take less of your time and give you 5 reasons why I think the iPad Pro 11″ might suit you best! In this video I talk about the this device’s better battery life, more portable/one handed form-factor, it’s Kindle like size which makes it great for reading, it’s form-factor in regard to gaming and how it’s cheaper and equally capable to it’s iPad Pro 12.9″ big brother!

32 Replies to “5 Reasons Why iPad Pro 11" is the Way To Go! (iPadOS)”

  1. Mohammad Dousti

    Based on my experience, if you’re going to buy iPad for taking notes, Just go for 12.9”. It’s a heaven for takin notes and working with Apple Pencil.
    But If you wanna have 12.9”, you will 100% need a physical keyboard for it. U CANNOT TYPE ON THIS SHIT WITH SCREEN KEYBOARD…!!! Unless you be HULK

  2. christphern

    Got an iPad Pro 11 2018 on the way. Just got the pencil, as well. Can’t wait to start using it. Been wanting to get one for a while now, and the 11” just seemed the way to go for me. I’ve been wanting to get back into doing art, but I’ve been wanting to go digital. For the most part I’ve worked on more traditional 8.5×11 size paper, so 11” just seemed the perfect size.

  3. LukeTheRandom

    i have the 11 and i really love it i do a lot of art on mine and i have never thought this is to small for drawing or even multitask on it when in procreate I do recommend it it’s so nice and the battery is so good also it’s not very heavy

  4. Brooklyn Grace

    i want this mainly for college (i already have a laptop but i find it too heavy to carry around) and i’m mostly stuck because i don’t know if the smaller screen is as good for note taking and split screen.

  5. Sonnenblume22

    I have the 11” with the keyboard case, which is perfect for doing supplementary word processing away from my iMac, but with the option to sketch out ideas/product drawings, edit photos/videos, or fill out and sign forms, and send emails… i also just realized that it’s exactly 3x as big as my note10+ screen, which is already gigantic for a phone. It fits in my handbag without deforming it to look like i shoved a baking sheet in there! I’m really really happy I got this size. Just wouldn’t recommend the 11” keyboard for someone with huge hands and fingers though.

  6. Prof.Mokster57

    Why everyone acting like the 11 inch screen is like a 1 inch screen where they cant see shit and the 12.9 inch is like they can see the world with it? Then what about our smartphones? Everyone treating the biggest version like the s20 ultra, iphone 11 pro max like something too fucking big and not ideal. Wtf….they are not even 7 inch and is so much smaller than the ipad mini…….

  7. Richard Briggs

    I think you convinced me to get this one. I mostly use my tablets to read, watch movies, play games and ocassionally write. I don't think I need the 12.9. I have a slim enough laptop for all the heavy duty stuff.

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