5 Reasons Why The LG V30 is Better Than The Galaxy Note 8

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Looking for reasons to pick the LG V30 over the Note 8? Look no further, we rounded up the best ones here.

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22 Replies to “5 Reasons Why The LG V30 is Better Than The Galaxy Note 8”

  1. Don B

    I miss my Galaxy. Have the LGV30 it sucks. Some basic things like a microphone auto spell in texting mode. Camera is nice but not as user friendly in my book.

  2. Silver King

    I dont trust lg or google. Always have cool design phones but poor perfomance. If you have the phone for a while you start to realize bugs and annoying issues.

  3. Rohan Anerao

    This phone was released in 2017 but it is still giving strong competition to new competitors in 2019. Recently purchased V30 after doing a lot of searching and researching, could not find a better phone.

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