5 Running Tips for Beginners ? 5 Things I Wish I Knew about Running from the Beginning

Running can simultaneously sound like a walk in the park… and also incredibly daunting. I’ve been running off and on for a couple years now, and I feel like I’ve only JUST found my groove with running. In this video, I share with you 5 running tips for beginners, aka, 5 things I wish I knew about running from the beginning. If you don’t know how to start running, this video is for you. Whether you’re training for your first 5k, looking for the perfect running shoes, on the hunt for running apps that you’ll actually use, or just looking for general running tips, I’ve got you covered in this video all about running for beginners!


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Get yourself a Flipbelt! :
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Running apps that are amazing :
Runtastic (iOS and Android) :

Couch to 5k (iOS and Android) :

Zombies, Run! (iOS and Android) :


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27 Replies to “5 Running Tips for Beginners ? 5 Things I Wish I Knew about Running from the Beginning”

  1. Caty Culp

    Hey guys! First of all, I'm SO happy that so many of you found this video helpful! Second of all, there are more videos like this to come, so if you haven't subscribed already, feel free to do so! ❤️ If you're curious about my day-to-day life as well, I invite you to come on over to my vlog channel and hang out! Things are about to be changing like crazy in my personal life (moving, new jobs, and just a fresh chapter in my life), so those vlogs are going to be a roller coaster for sure. You can check out the vlog channel here: https://www.youtube.com/culpfiction

    Happy running!



    Most definitely concentrate on your breathing ,in your nose out your mouth.I find it very helpful .When I find myself gasping for air I know I have to slow down ,but never completely stop.Also yes there is such a thing as a second breath.

  3. Diesel Wolf

    I do good to run for 30 seconds then I'm out of breath? but I'm working up to more time, my other delima is blisters, no matter what I do I get them ???

  4. Stac Ranae

    Apples and oranges may not be the best idea to eat before a race, run, etc.
    because the acid in these fruits can hurt your stomach and possibly cause you to slow down

  5. TooTrue

    Your last tip really hit home for me. I’m always trying to do MORE in shorter lengths of time but always end up burning out too quickly

  6. Reoltch Sug

    I'm 17 and I just started to watch out by my health
    I started trying to be better after an episode when I passed out just by standing up doing nothing for some minutes
    This video really helped me, to start moving at all

  7. James

    Tip for the hairier types: shave those legs and use vaseline!!! The chaffing is real and it will ruin your run as well as your recovery days

  8. BoxHillStrangler

    My biggest thing was learning not to give a shit about other peoples speed/distances etc. No matter your speed theres ALWAYS a LOT of people who are faster, and a LOT who are slower. Lots can run further than you, lots cant. Even if you can only run 100 meters, you can run further than a significant portion of the population. Just improve on your own markers.
    Also, no one cares that youre a fat/slow/old/whatever runner. People think youre weird for running at all, and other runners will just think youre cool for being out there running as an old/fat/slow/whatever person!

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