5 Things Android Phones CAN Do Even The iPhone X CAN'T

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When it comes to a competition between Android vs iPhone, there are pros and cons for each option. But there are certainly some things that Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can do that the iPhone X can’t do. Let us take you through five of them.

When Apple released the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, tech fans immediately started making comparisons between the iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8. That whole Samsung vs Apple competition has been going on for years in the smartphone world, so it’s no surprise. And we’re taking a look at five things that you won’t find on Apple’s latest model, like headphone jacks and Touch ID. If you like using fingerprint recognition, then you’ll be sad to hear it’s no longer available. In its place comes a 3D face scanner, called Face ID. Over on the Note 8, there’s also face recognition to unlock your phone, but there’s an iris scanner and fingerprint recognition too.

Other features that are different between the competing models include wireless and fast charging options, with accessories included for QuickCharge on the Android version. And we can’t forget that handy little tool that fans of the Galaxy Note series love: the stylus. The S-Pen is back, and it lets you create your own Live Message GIFs.

Watch our video to see five things Android phones can do even the iPhone X cant, including uninterrupted all-screen display, and tell us in comments which Android feature you think is the best! Are you Team Android or Team iPhone?

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