5 Useful iPhone Tips / Tricks

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32 Replies to “5 Useful iPhone Tips / Tricks”

  1. Soroosh Derakhshan

    for the last feature selecting text, for the devices which dont have 3d touch, press and hold space bar and then use a second finger to touch the keyboard and it will be activated

  2. Luis Lopez

    If you have 3D Touch you can long press anywhere on your keyboard, if you don’t have 3D Touch then you have to long press over the space bar

  3. Judy Strauss

    Michael !! OMGoodness!! Fantastic, truly. I love watching Tips Videos but I usually either know most of the tips or they don’t interest/help me. Except for number 4, your other 4 tips are excellent! I loved them. Tysvm!?

  4. HB macha

    Wow, color filter is great. All are cool tips, i would add to the safari, when you long press on the "done" bottom right, it would close all tabs, and when you long press on the "+" it would open your recent closed tab, unless you've closed a tab and closed safari afterwards

  5. Matthew Jardine

    Apple does not push the contrast on their displays by default because they pride themselves in colour accuracy. The springboard displays in sRGB. The P3 colour gamit kicks in when you are in media apps. This is the exact same argument people have been having over the iPhone camera for years. The Galaxy phones and Pixel like to pump up the contrast and sharpening. Apple prefers to produce the more true-to-life, accurate colour photograph.

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