5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Keep (App Tips & Tricks)

Google Keep is an excellent app to store all your notes and quickly capture new ideas. But you can get so much more out of this productivity tool than just simple text notes.

In this video, Scott Friesen shows you some of his favorite tips when it comes to using Google Keep. From creating location-based reminders to adding annotations to images, you’ll be sure to learn something new.

So get ready to get more done and boost your productivity with Google Keep. And if you have a great tip to share, be sure to include it in the comments below.

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Scott Friesen is a productivity specialist and founder of Simpletivity training and consulting. He is also a prolific public speaker, workshop leader, and time management coach.

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47 Replies to “5 Ways to Get More Out of Google Keep (App Tips & Tricks)”

  1. Greg DeBrun

    More great tips, Scott. I like to mark all of my notes as archived so that only new notes created show up in the "Notes" section of Keep. Any note I want to be "Active" I apply a reminder, (but still archive it). On the web I work from the Reminders section. On Android, I use the widget with the Reminders showing – reminder notes sort by due date. Most of my notes are setup with repeating reminders so they cycle back thru the sort order and when I'm completely done with the entire note, i delete the reminder. I treat the Notes section similar to an Inbox. This is where new notes start, and I regularly process, label, applying reminders if necessary, then archiving (or delete). Some examples are note lists for work projects, home projects, events, travel, workouts, etc. I choose to color my notes and add pictures based on the note only, there is no ryhme or reason for how I color them. Keep up the tips and videos, I enjoy them.

  2. Bob Rozek

    To Me I Wish The Note Would Go Directly Into Your Folder/Label Instead Of Putting Them Into Your Archive. I Like The Pined Function. If I'm Doing Some Thing Wrong/Missing Some Thing Let Me Know.

  3. Brad Borresen

    I’m a property maintenance manager and use this everyday. Shopping list, work schedules, request for time off, repairs need per apt. My employees get the work assignment via Keep. I love it, and tried others but keep going back to Keep!

  4. iTube

    How can I group some existing images on Google Keep? Google Keep grouped images when I upload them together but I want to group new images with existing images on Google Keep..

  5. Charles Cambria

    I am trying to integrate Keep with Google Assistant so when I ask Google to take a note and put it in keep instead of the default. I cannot seem to figure out how to do this

  6. Brad O

    At 6:00 there is mentioned an "annotation button", the pen icon. My version of Keep doesn't have this. Mobile Android version has it, but not the desktop version. ??
    Great, informative, professional videos btw!

  7. Ivan G-S

    OMG the location based reminder is next level stuff !!!

    Plus the sharing of lists. Totally going to setup a shopping list with my mum right now !

  8. sameen

    this app is bu;lllshit and dont work properly even – when i check in settings to add photos on the bootm of my notes they always go on yop, so soryy but this is bull shiit

  9. Stéphane DUCROQUET

    Hi, very great videos (I learned a lot thanks !). The voice recognition is awesome when I do it in french (I'm french) ; meanwhile when done in english this is far from getting a decent result (I work in a international context for years and thought my englih was decent). Any idea to bypass this difficulty ?

  10. M.Elisa & Co. Est. 1979

    I love adding Labels, so that I can access those notes within a particular subject. For example, I have a kid in her 2nd year of college and one in her senior year of high school. I have a label called "College Money" for all of their FAFSA, Scholarship window opening and deadlines. I may place a list for each kid to check off as they go along for things that they need to handle, such as getting their letters of rec and community service hours inputted into their transcripts, and so on.

  11. Irma ANDRadEW

    I am very bad with papers, like if someone gives me a business card or wants to share with me a recipe, for example, I know it would be lost in a stack of papers or somewhere else out of sight (… and out of mind…), Also, I prefer to save paper in favor of trees, environment, ecology, etc. So… what I do is to take a picture of that paper, and immediately click share/open in/send or copy to G Keep. When it opens, my pic is therer attached. I only add a title and brief note and pin it to work in that note later (add to contacts, or save in OneNote, label it and add category color IF I will leave it there for quick access, Also, if I’m in a store, for example and I see a product to compare or look up later, I do the same of taking a picture to save there with title, pin and note + reminder. When you delete a picture from your gallery or folder, it stays in G Keep. I have also taken quick notes there to review later. In summary, I am realizing now that I am using G Keep as a drop box to manage later all what I add there either to keep there sorted for quick reference, or to work with them to take actions (research, move, share, colaborate in G Maps, etc).

  12. Rose Stinson

    I had several notes that I saved and they all completely went away today! I am devastated as I had so much in those notes. Is there a way to retrieve everything?

  13. Joe Dooman

    Very helpful thanks, may I sake what do you recommend to do to be able to see if the person I sent him my email did he read it ?when he did, or still unread.

  14. quicksite

    Hello Scott, You have a very clear presentation style and format. Unlike what seems like maybe 80% of YOUTUBE Tech-Help Video Channel presenters, you have a script and your thoughts and tips are all organized. Such a simple thing but so many Tech Help videos have Realtime Rambling® — aka person is winging it the whole thing, they repeat themselves, there is too much extraneous chatter in between actions, and of course the infamous inserting of Goofy Faces mugging for the camera, and emphasizing their cutesy "meta" reactions to their own cleverness, sometimes with special effects and stupid graphics. … So thank you for a return to "Standard Teaching/Presentation Formats"! Well done.

    The only thing I would like to suggest is adding is a topic preview feature that lets people know in advance the "chapter headings" of your video — your core topics. I think taking a cue from TV News would be helpful here. After whatever intro words you have to begin the video, I would like to see a quick list, in text form, at the bottom of the screen, layed out horizontally, giving people a preview idea of topics to come in this video, such as:

    … You just dissolve it in for maybe 7 seconds, and the items probably break into two or 3 lines of text …. then dissolve it out until you arrive at your next point… at which time I would dissolve it in again, and do one of two things: (A) Chop off the first item on the list that you already covered…


    or (B) the same list is presented and you BOLD or CAPITALIZE or colorize the Current Topic — which is Best Practices in User Experience Design, always keeping people grounded where they are in relation to the whole content set.

    Just a suggestion, because, in the case of this video for example, I was already familiar with most of the features and benefits of Keep — I'm a power-user — but I was hoping I would see someone tackle or mention the question of "Can I PRINT a single note or list?" — and as far as I know the answer is no. I'm 95% digital, but occasionally one wants or needs to show something to someone who is either Not Digital, or they don't have their phone or tablet or laptop with them at the time… I could screenshot the item and print the screenshot… Or I could copy to Google Docs and print from there I guess.

  15. Jørgen Thorsdalen

    2:45 Simply THE best function of keep. This function has saved me so god damn much hassle and time. And it works like a charm, since it isn't a thrid party app, but from Google. Used that earlier, but wasn't even close to works as great as keep does!

  16. anuja churi

    HI Thank you so much for this video… Hereonwards I'll start using Google Keep; however I already have loads of material on StickyNotes, Evernote and others…Could you please temme how do I save those notes on Google Drive, pair those here or transfer the material?….. Please… 🙂

  17. Monica Nobile - Aylesbury PS (1425)

    Thanks for the great video. All five tips are brand new to me. The way I use Google Keep is for documenting student learning. I have made a folder for each student. The way it works is first I take a picture of the students work. Next I open Google Keep on my iPad. I click the note. Then I click the + at the bottom of the note and add the picture. I put a # with the students name and it automatically goes to the students folder. The best feature is that you can hash tag as many students as you want for a single photo. Then in the notes section I make my comments or feedback or marks. This has definitely lightened the load of papers that I bring home from school to mark.

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