6 Amazing Android Tips and Tricks You Might not Know! Feat. Nokia 6.1 Plus

Hey friends here is a video on some secret and amazing tips and tricks.
Hope you like it.
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28 Replies to “6 Amazing Android Tips and Tricks You Might not Know! Feat. Nokia 6.1 Plus”

  1. Nitin Kushwah

    Thanks for tips.
    Can you please tell me if there are any download speed issues with the SIM on this mobile ? Some one mentioned that download is not good on this mobile as compared to other mobiles

  2. Abhishek Prakash

    I am facing a huge problem with the quality of the camera during video call and even in the dark. Very disappointed with this camera quality though its a 16mp shooter so is this problem every Nokia 6.1 Plus user facing ?

  3. premier league

    All we want is pes 2019 gameplay on Nokia 6.1+, it does not necessarily mean u must know how to play the game, just set the graphics to high and 60 fps so that we can see the graphics, I want to buy this phone so I want to find out if the game is Okay, ???

  4. Oral Surgeon

    hey habil!

    i was mad at finding ways back to vertical scroll for background apps.

    Recently on my nokia 6.1 plus (android 9) suddenly from nowhere while pressing that square app button for background apps , instead of horizontal scroll , i saw old view of vertical scroll(exactly as in old android devices) . but it was there for just few seconds , it sounds quite weird but after few seconds it was not there. i dont know how . i am using no third party app. in short it means there is a way to switch to vertical scroll. but i guess android people themselves dont know how. it is a ghost setting.

    do you have any idea regarding it?

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