6 MONTHS update. Huawei Watch 2 Review

It has been almost six months since I got my wah-way watch 2.
It has been a great watch, and, in this video I will give you guys an update on it.
Scratches, Battery life, Looks, Water resistant.

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18 Replies to “6 MONTHS update. Huawei Watch 2 Review”

  1. T Wallauch

    great video, I like it. what is the name of the first watch face and where did you get it. I like it so much. I would like to buy it for my Huawei watch 2. thank you.

  2. G S

    I'd like to replace the stock band on my Huawei Watch 2 Sport with a Milanese loop Mesh Stainless Steel band with Magnetic Clasp . Do I need to be concerned about the ends of the band that connect to the watch ?  I see many loop bands listed for the Classic but not the Sport. The stock sport band appears to be curved on the ends?

  3. NewtonDKC

    Apparently the Huawei watch 2 is selling so well that Huawei feel no need to bring out the watch 3 anytime soon! While I'm glad the 2 is still, selling well, I really hope they bring back the style of the original Huawei or at least some of its specs for the 3 as the Original Huawei STILL gets my vote for best Wear device! The Fossil Explorer is looking pretty tempting to me tho….So here's hoping the Huawei3 brings back the larger display of the original model's 1.4", or at the very least a 1.3" – the 1.2" in the Huawei 2 is just way too small, especially with your finger constantly bumping into that raised bezel. Speaking of, either make the bezel rotating like the Gear S3 or get rid of it as if serves no useful function and just gets in the way and makes it way thicker. If they don't inckude a rotating bezel then they MUST include a rotating crown as one of the two (rotating bezel or rotating crown) are de facto navigation features of modern watches and allows the screen to be viewed while scrolling thru notifications, messages, settings, apps etc. Heart Rate Sensor and NFC are also required for a fully functional watch and too many devices nowadays do not include either (of more watches did, like the aforementioned Explorer from Fossil, it would probably become my favorite as every other feature looks great!). Finally battery life – has to get thru a FULL 24 your period with actual watch use!

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