6 Reasons Why I Love Being an iOS Engineer

Quickly wanted to give my thoughts on why I like being an iOS Engineer in today’s video. Hopefully some of the younger viewers here can find this information helpful in deciding their career paths.

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27 Replies to “6 Reasons Why I Love Being an iOS Engineer”

  1. Emre ŞURK

    I disagree with most of them.
    I just love the quality of the platform. When I publish an app, I can be sure I won't face any problem that happens because of the mess of ecosystem like Android. So many different phones, screens, cameras, memories, even every producer modify the OS so some system intents are missing for some devices in Android! Just a time waster. And yes, I was developing Android apps.

  2. D. N.

    I dislike front-end web development so much. However, I LOVE front-end development on Desktop or Mobile platforms. I really find the whole web front-end paradigme to be wierd as hell.

  3. Learn TheNew

    Hi, i am Front-end Web Developer and i have C-programming knowledge can i start to learn the IOS App Development or Android App Development, which is will you prefer me to start new skills to update my career.

  4. Step-by-Step Science

    I am a high school science teacher in Berlin Germany trying to learn swift so that I can teach it to my students. Using the Everyone Can Code Books, Intro to App Development and App Development with Swift. Any advice would be appreciated.

  5. Adito Alfattah

    I Love Swift and Apple..because their documentation..about Swift ia very pleased for new developer..everything tell clearly.
    And make beginner enjoy to learn something new..

  6. Muhammad Hamza Sani

    How do you learn all this BASIC/FORMAL Stuff. For example You have very deep concepts about main thread and background thread. How did u learn how it works exactly. Im an Android developer and have developed 10-15 apps but my concepts are still not good. I can develop an app, it works fine and clients are happy but these terminologies are still unclear to me. I've started to develop IOS apps now. Its been a month now. I have the same problem here as well. Maybe I follow the tutorials and get an overall idea of how code works and I skip the conceptual part?

    Please guide me how to develop deep concepts in both IOS and Android.

    P.S Ive worked on Android for more than a year now.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Sam WD

    It seems like i am ending up memorizing the code instead of understanding the documentation. i would really appreciate if you could make a video to understand iOS documentation.

  8. Abhishek Meher

    I think android studio is far better than xcode. With the recent improvements with instant run and kotlin support android development has never been better. I feel iOS storyboard and the way IBOutlets are created are a complete mess. Its just a month I have started iOS development so I could be wrong.

  9. Adrian Cervantes

    Hi Brian! i Know this video have 1 year.. anyway, .. a couple question, maybe I'm not in the right video to ask this…well…do you recommend using the newer beta versions of xcode? and what do you think about it? I know the beta versions have bugs and other stuff..but I think they have good things, like the implementation of new libraries, or performance improvements…. Another question is, do you plan to make video tutorials using ARKit or  MachineLearning?

  10. GulamALI

    hey buddy.. thank u too much for your quality tutorials.. it will be great if u make a video on how's the iOS developer resume should be look like…and what are the skills that you need to mention in your skillset section to get noticed by recruiters.

  11. Tema Z

    From my perspective to handle up to 100K+ packages/s from hundreds connections(IoT and stream analytics project with Go) is more challengeable than to figure out how to share something following iOS/3rd party API^^
    Maybe, I just love to be a 'real engineer')

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