$60 Xiaomi AirDots Pro are actually dope!

$60 Xiaomi AirDots Pro vs $159 Apple AirPods. BEST AirPods Clones So Far. Sound test, range, water test, software & more. I really liked these.

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47 Replies to “$60 Xiaomi AirDots Pro are actually dope!”

  1. Rocky Go

    Good thing i can grab one of these xiaomi and not be afraid of mocked that it is a ripoff as only 2 percent can afford airpods in my country lol and xiaomi is known for taking only 5% profit on top of their product so they can give it at a low price. Apple can't live below 100%

  2. Timothy Lee

    How is the call quality of the airdots pro? Is the person on the phone with you able to hear your voice well, even if you are outside where cars are passing by?

  3. Zarif Haikal

    Stop destroying them!………there’s a lot of people out there really want that gadget and you simply destroying them for a shitty views??!!!!…………if you’re rich enough do something worth it instead of destroying them!!!

  4. Aaron

    Doesn't matter how good or better then airpods they are. People stil going to buy Airpods for 100 dollars more just because its apple

  5. i curious

    If u cant respect another brands except apple u eat for free,u shouldnt make videos of other products…u basically insulted mi when u said clone….

  6. Technoz Ski

    I have them and they have been sitting collecting dust on my desk for the last month. They are so damn bulky and uncomfortable, also the case is too damn big to fit in my pocket. I think I will youtube raffle them off

  7. Pierre Hagot

    I never seen any test on how the sounds quality when you have phone call ? And you need to reply ? That will be interesting to know.

    Where AirPods are the best it will be good to find an alternative to beat them.

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