7 AWESOME iPhone Widgets for iOS 12!

7 AWESOME iPhone Widgets for iOS 12! | Best iPhone Widgets & Apps 2018

It’s 2018 (nearly 2019) and widgets are still an under-utilized function of the iPhone on iOS 12. So in this video, I share 7 awesome widgets you can add to your widgets panel today to get more use out of your device.

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What widgets are your favorite? Let me know!

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40 Replies to “7 AWESOME iPhone Widgets for iOS 12!”

  1. Frank Martel

    Down with cheat sheet
    Down with ESPN
    Okay with StepsApp
    Down with Google Traffic as I don’t live in town/city
    Okay with recipe of the day
    Okay with Shortcuts
    I like Battery as I use it for the % since iPhone Xs does not provide %

  2. Robert D

    Disliked for the unending series of pop up “suggestions” aka ads. Who the fk thought that a universally despised form of ad (pop ups) would be a good idea on YouTube.

  3. Alvin Prather

    Re: Batteries widget, it is not and App Store app. The widget comes embedded in the iOS 12 Widget Panel. You simply click the edit button at the bottom of the widget panel, then click the.green + button, and you’re set. Great work Brandon!

  4. Larry Rank Jr

    I didn’t about Cheatsheet. It’s super handy. I usually use Drafts, because it’s quick & simple. But Cheatsheet is even quicker! Great for jotting down temporary info. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. Dennis Vance

    Thanks for the heads up about checklist; I paused the video and downloaded it immediately. It fills a niche nothing else does. Great tip! Health to you.

  6. Sharky

    Question. Cheatsheet app: the text is underlined unlike yours in the vid. How can I change it to have it without the underline?

  7. Jagged637

    Battery widget for the % easily on iPhone XS Max and August home lock is awesome to lock and unlock your front door easily without having to open the app and connect.

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