7 New MIUI 10 Features!

Xiaomi recently announced the MIUI 10 update for Redmi Note 5 Pro, Mi 6, Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix and other Redmi and Mi smartphones. Well, we have installed it on our Mi Mix 2 and here are the 7 most exciting and new MIUI 10 features we have found.

How to Install MIUI 10 Beta on Your Xiaomi Device:

We are showing the new MIUI 10 features on the Mi Mix 2 and Mi 6.
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35 Replies to “7 New MIUI 10 Features!”

  1. Beebom

    PSA:- We re-uploaded this video because the previously uploaded video had some weird buffering issue. BTW, do let us know what's your favorite feature of MIUI 10?

  2. markostevovic68

    I just got the note 5 global version and has no car mode pip doesn't work and totally different says running on 8.1 Oreo,10.1 ? don't understand so many different versions like the back pic is round this one is the long lense side ways. And apps that I haven't got.what a spin out

  3. S. Emre YILMAZ

    I cannot preview multiple whatsapp messages on the lock screen without unlocking my phone. Do you have any ideas to solve the problem? It just says for example 3 messages from 2 chats. Little Arrow button does not work either. Im using mi mix 3 miui 10 stable. Thank you very much

  4. Krushanu Das

    A little Help here?
    Hey there!, Had a query I wanted to reach you for. I wanted to swap SIM, and by mistake went for the secondary microphone hole instead of thr SIM tray hole with ejection tool in Redmi note 5 pro (I know this sounds absurd). I applied a little pressure but when there wasn't the 'click', naturally tried little harder, but at the same time I realized the silly mistake, and immediately took the ejection tool out. Now I am wondering weather I have Damaged the secondary microphone. Please tell me how to check weather it's okay or not.

  5. Srabanti Kar

    I also change my ph updater to miui 10 global… But the status bar and notification bar are not transparent.. How can i change my settings??? Please can anyone help…

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