7 Tips Every iPhone Owner Should Know!

Get a new iPhone this holiday season? Or maybe you have had one for a while but need to know some more tips on what your iPhone is actually capable of? Check out these 7 tips every iPhone owner should know.

48 Replies to “7 Tips Every iPhone Owner Should Know!”

  1. Hi Bye

    7. iMessages

    That one is wrong. My brother has an IPhone 8 and Green messages appear when I text him. My other brother has an IPhone 8 as well and Blue and Green messages appear.

    Maybe my IPhone SE is wrong with iMessages because it’s an old phone.

  2. Ryan

    The shaking and text editing and swiping between apps ones are cool hacks, thanks! Recently switched from an iPhone 5 to a XS (quite the upgrade haha but the 5 still works as well as when it was brand new? It honestly just ran outta juice too quickly)

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