7 Tips to Get More Out of OneNote

OneNote is a productivity app from Microsoft. This video will show you some great tips and tricks on how to use Microsoft OneNote. These tips are based on Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10 with Office 365.

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Notetaking tips:
Detailed OneNote tutorial:
OneNote on the iPad:

The software I use for screencasting:

43 Replies to “7 Tips to Get More Out of OneNote”

  1. Pradeep Billa

    Hi, Could you please confirm the OneNote version you demonstrated searching "Dog" results online (not just within Notebooks in One Note itself but also websites and journals as well). I am using One Note in Windows 10 and I am not able to search key words online (websites, journals etc.) Currently, I can only search in Notebooks within OneNote device option under Researcher function. I appreciate your help, thank you.

  2. Sergey Solod

    Thanks for this tutorial! Unfortunately I can not find plus sign on my research pane. There is no such a sign , what's a pity… It looks useful when you're using such a feature to insert the stuff directly from WEB.

  3. Dave K

    This video made me feel like a complete idiot for never using one note and using word to take my notes in college! Looks so much easier and so much more unseful than what i thought! Incredible! Thank you!

  4. Nirre

    Only reason i dont wanna use onenote is because whenever you touch an arean on a page with finger it pops up onscreen keyboard……….

  5. Reshad Ahmed

    I love OneNote. I use iMac at home and my macbook air during my classes to take my notes. The notes sync perfectly. I don't even bother with the Apple default apps. Microsoft offers the best services.

  6. Lloyd Wilhelm

    I really like how the guy just jumps in, already has it up and starts……. Oops he forgot to show how to find one note so I can open and use it.
    Don't have a icon on my desktop that says ONE NOTE. There are people out here in the world that are lost and confused by windows 10. And being 70 years old doesn't help.

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