7 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Fast Again

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Everyone knows that after you get a new phone, it will probably get slower over time. This is from a number of reasons, such as having too many apps installed, less storage being available, and more. This video discusses some of the best ways to make sure that your phone stays as fast as possible, and should make your Android phone like new.



50 Replies to “7 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Fast Again”

  1. # GUY

    I bought many android phones and i noticed that it was slowing down, even if i reset it many times, on Samsung it was lagging while using note 8,s8, and i think i need to try the ios now, i used it up as it didn't slow down except for the damn volcanic battery, what do you think?

  2. PA Arts

    My phone got faster after doing all you said, Seems like a fixed it myself instead of giving it for repair…Money saved. Thanks. Liked and subscribed <3

  3. V!C Awesome

    dude some of those things are basically common sense but yet stupid me still never tried any ??‍♂️? you make great videos tho glad i have subscribed

  4. Der Hof 2007

    Why would excess apps slow my phone down? If they aren't running what's the problem? I have plenty of space and auto updates shut off. This doesn't make any sense….

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