70 NEW iOS 12 Beta 2 Features & Changes!

iOS 12 Beta 2 Released, 70 NEW Features & Changes! A Polished Update With Lots of Awesome Features Added. Full Breakdown.

Install iOS 12 Here:
Top 12 iOS 12 Features:

32 Replies to “70 NEW iOS 12 Beta 2 Features & Changes!”

  1. Binay Rai

    When i charge my iphoneX it doesn’t show 100% full charge it shows 90 98 after 3 hr charging when i switch off and restart my phone it shows full charged whats the problem ?

  2. Bijan Irani

    So I have just finished updating to iOS 12 public beta 1. It’s absolutely flawless. My only critic would be that I find my WiFi connection way slower than usual! Maybe that will change in a while I guess 🤔

  3. Victoria Torrez

    So my iPhone 7+ been acting strange like I haven’t updated the iPhone tho so it could be that but my iPhone 7+ connection been messing up like nothing would work when I try to play a game or my internet connection when I wanna search up something it gets slow and it doesn’t work sometime i don’t know why

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