8 iPhone things which android users cannot do | ios vs android

In this video I will show you 8 things that your iPhone can do but your android phone cannot. These are 8 features available on iPhones which are still not available on android phones. These 8 features make iPhone and iOS so much better than android.

1. AirDrop
2. Copy paste
3. iMessage
4. FaceTime
5. Siri Shortcuts
6. Backup & restore
7. Software update
8. WiFi sharing

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44 Replies to “8 iPhone things which android users cannot do | ios vs android”

  1. Shrirang B

    Seriously superb features which I wasn't aware of 👏👏 hat's off to Apple Inc 🙏This might be a reason why all iPhone's are expensive 😎Now I understood why people afford iPhone's….Now m definitely going to be owner of an iPhone atleast once 😀

  2. Ninjutsu

    biased content
    apple product not as good as flagship android devices
    i purchased iphone 11 and it was my mistake
    so I exchanged with samsung s20 and i happy with android
    ios is so basic and boring for me
    if you jailbreak ios then it will be better

  3. Aliakbar Peerkhanji

    1. Nearby share
    2. It is now possible it is known as clipboard syncing it works across devices signed with same Google account
    3. We are comparing both the OS not the services of apple and Google
    4. Action block alternative of Siri shortcut
    5. It is upto manufacturer you can choose Samsung and Google moreover you can also flash custom ROM to upgrade your phone to latest version although it is difficult for non techies
    6. Android 10

  4. sajag arora

    144hz refresh rate
    Better charging speed
    Bigger battery life
    Half the price
    More ram
    In display fingerprints sensor
    In display camera ( not a notch like your forehead)
    Better camera in terms of zoom and clarity
    Foldable display
    S pen support
    Better wireless charging speed
    Regular updates that dosen't make your phone slow like apple
    Last but not the least don't be 💩 like nabeel use your brain

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