8 Kitchen Tips And Tricks

8 new kitchen tricks and food hacks for you to try out in your home kitchen.

The cooking tricks in this video are:
– How to cook tender chicken every time
– Simple pan storage solution
– Keep bread fresh in the freezer
– Easy poached egg cooking trick
– Utensil storage on hooks tip
– Organizing everything in trays (think its this )
– Storing cutting boards (could not find the same one )
– How to cook super tasty carrots

the ironwood cutting boards:
big Carolina cutting board:
charleston end grain:

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42 Replies to “8 Kitchen Tips And Tricks”

  1. K

    Chicken tip saved the video from a thumbs down. The rest of the tips were a no go; i.e., don't break the window or block beautiful sunlight hanging pans.

  2. P

    5minute crafts like to come over to my channel to steal his tips for inspiration hahahahaha what a complete dick ! Next he is gonna say YOUTube steal off him for inspiration for new channels… oh and eggs on your mouldy bloody bread .. dis-fucking-gusting

  3. P

    Oh my god give the pan window a try if u have windows ? For fuck sake .. then moulded bread? I'd never eat you disgusting thing. Tender and mouldy … your welcome ! Cheeky fucking bastard.

  4. Derry Shore

    So u walk out the door and its a windy day. The door slams and ur window cracks. As for putting salt and vinegar water in to a teflon pan. The coating will eventually be ruined. Does this man think that he is educating 6 year olds?

  5. P


  6. Jen Dart

    Ah yes, open the window for fresh air…a windy day could be very noisy. No one will try to break in ?The noise would scare them off.

  7. 57 Vette

    I grew up way out in the country in Colorado, in fact I come from a long line of rednecks but this is the funniest thing I've ever seen! This guy wouldn't survive one winter……

  8. Helen Boula

    The farthest video a massage I see she's put three eggs in the pan I can tell right off the bat it's not going to be good I'm sorry but I'm 73 and I am I am a cook. Lights camera action

  9. Anders Erichsen

    Hmm, I just gave it full throttle on the pan and boiling, seems the boiling settles somewhat when you add the eggs…. Fixed all the eggs in it and 3 minutes they where done.

  10. Anders Erichsen

    Tried the Egg thing 3 times – back to see if I'm doing it correct but seems to work. I never knew there was something as pouch eggs before a month ago or something. So my first try was with the Pan with the trick 🙂 Great tip! Thanks.

  11. Explodingtraps

    1. cooking pepper makes it bitter always season with pepper after your food is cooked
    2. scratched cracked glass is not my idea of handy
    3. freezing food to preserve it wow mind blown…really
    4. where was the trick or hack?? use a pot and swirl the water before adding egg it will keep them from separating and keep them in a neat ball
    5. don't put so much stuff in your drawers!, those hooks break very easily and then you have to get the glue off the wall from sticker to put another one on or get a jar to put them in on counter top and who wants utensils covering their wall all over the kitchen.
    6. cupboard trays are great!
    7. first who has 7 cutting boards if you do have 7 cutting boards you can lean them up in a cupboard without the gadget
    8. who here has cleaned a juicer before? and just to make boiled carrots come on, just buy good carrots.

  12. Munawar Karim

    Chicken breasts can never be juicy – they will always be dry. For tender juicy chicken us skin-less bone-less thighs. You can flatten them if you wish.

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