8 Months with a OnePlus Phone

My OnePlus 8 month (long term) review. The OP 7 Pro was an amazing phone and this is a longer term take on the 90hz high refresh screen and it’s best features.
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50 Replies to “8 Months with a OnePlus Phone”

  1. Dave2D

    What's your take on high refresh screens? Important or nah?
    This is the longest I've left my sim card in a phone since I started making youtube videos. The OnePlus 7 Pro is SO good but some ripe stuff is right around the corner

  2. MK Havok

    Using my mclaren 7T Pro. And while it does have 3 hairline cracks on that beautiful back and scuffs on the front screen. I would buy another mclaren edition over anything new today simply for the screen and performance that's holding well almost 2 years later now.

  3. Ken Hoey

    Everyone has there own personal stories….I was baked into the Apple ecosystem and adored the iPhone. On a dare I moved to Android specifically Samsung for a few years and now using One Plus devices…I made that move close to 8 years ago and never looked back…I've never even considered buying another iPhone and I never will.

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