80 More iOS 12 Features & Changes!

Even More iOS 12 Hidden Features, Secrets & Changes Apple Didn’t Tell You About!

Top 100 Features:
Do NOT Install iOS 12:

34 Replies to “80 More iOS 12 Features & Changes!”

  1. Grady Raines

    Hey I love your app reviews! But, watching this made me see that there might be a better way to display the apps to your viewers. You should check out @t, it could bring these reviews to the next level!

  2. InventorZahran 327

    FaceTime Audio SHOULD NOT be the default calling method!

    If I'm calling someone who uses a non-apple phone, FaceTime Audio don't work!

    Unless Apple is ganging up with the cellular carriers to make us use more data, they should change this back in the next update…

  3. Alex SEDFE

    This phone has a great camera, very nice/ clear screen>>>ur2.pl/1254 and the best battery life I’ve had on any iPhone. However, I can’t stand the Face ID 75% of the time it doesn’t work for me and after the first time of it not working it won’t show my notifications unless I lock the screen again and then attempt to unlock it a second time. I miss the finger print and it’s ease of use. Also, I dislike how on the lock screen you have to hold down the flashlight and camera for several seconds to get them to turn on. Other than these changes everything else seems to be the same.

  4. Madbees57

    Sorry, but if anyone can follow what you are showing, they obviously are pros with the iPhone. For anyone like me, you are going way to fast, so annoying, so out you go.

  5. Aware

    I‘m still on my iPhone 6 which I got 2 1/2 years ago and I can tell that iOS 12 didn‘t improved my device. I would even say it made it worse. I got it with iOS 9 and it was flawless and fast! It‘s so bad now…

    Because of that I‘m thinking to upgrade but I don‘t know which device.
    Should I go for an iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, or even an Android device? What would you guys pick?

  6. Bouet Michel

    are u crazy mate why you speak so fast, not for novice? the expert won't need your video looks like they already know what you talking about…good for guys familiar already with smart phone…interessting but for me have to come back every step…regards

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