$99 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs $999 Note 9!

The New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Clone!! Fake $90 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Real $999 Note 9. How Bad Can It Be?

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43 Replies to “$99 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs $999 Note 9!”

  1. Roberto Gutierrez Castro

    In a country like Mexico, a place where you can get killed for a f.. phone this would be awesome.
    Thieves already know that people have two phones. So maybe this can work.
    One phone to give away and the other one is the one that you actually use and normally the expensive one.

  2. FBI :

    The battery in my phone is 26000 too! I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 Star. That is ACTUALLY MADE BY SAMSUNG! I thought I should get it out of the way.

  3. Rohit Poriya

    The comparison is good but the way this guy man handles the fone and keeps shaking and flipping the fones again and again irritates me to the core… wht a efing show off jerk

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