A Clever Way to Replace Glass Only on Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+ Note 8 Screen Repair Without the Freezer

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In this video I show that you can leverage a cell phone refurbishing company to help you offer glass only repair on Samsung cell phones. I personally did not know these type of businesses were around until about 2 years after I started repairing cracked cell phone screens.

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Tools and Equipment I use:
For Samsung freezer for glass separation on Amazon
Cell phone repair screwdriver tool kit with different tips needed
Exact Heat Gun I use with Temp control knob to open phones
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24 Replies to “A Clever Way to Replace Glass Only on Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+ Note 8 Screen Repair Without the Freezer”

  1. Paolo Sotelo

    Where is the best place to find screens without the guts (battery, mother board and all that?) Or do you just have to buy phone with working LCD and get the glass fixed. Then have that as you of your ready to go quick repair screens? So that you can fix a customers phone in a day or less and then have their screen sent to repair? (It is expensive to buy the phones with broken screens) What is the better way to get screens?!

  2. Slinger of Truth

    My Samsung S8 Plus has the glass cracked on both sides and there is a small area across the front right where most menu buttons pop up, that doesn't recognize touch. LCD is fine. I want to upgrade, but can't until I fix. What are my options here, in your professional opinion?

  3. alaster

    There are two major draw back here , 1st most people do not want to pay vast amounts of money for these screens ( hence why so many sadly go to the grave yard ) 2nd why would would people not just go and pay for glass only refurbished themselves and cut out the middle man ( you or me ) !!

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