A Diehard Android User Switches To The iPhone XS

After using Samsung Galaxy phones for five years, Business Insider’s Manny Ocbazghi has decided to make the switch to the iPhone XS. We followed him throughout his journey adjusting to Apple’s ecosystem, iOS, and the new iPhone gestures.


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A Diehard Android User Switches To The iPhone XS

50 Replies to “A Diehard Android User Switches To The iPhone XS”

  1. TheSeti12345

    Everyone complaining that he came from an s7 but for me at least this is the exact same change I'm thinking of making so this is very helpful. Gotta agree tho he's clearly not a "diehard" android user

  2. Ray A Stay

    I'm an Android user, but I don't hate on any brand including Apple. I've used Apple phones before, I like it, but I just don't know how to use Apple phones ?. I'm ok with any phone actually, as long as I know how to use it, and it has great funcions

  3. macncheese

    You dont have to go all the way to settings to find your wifi. You literally just swipe up. Why didnt anybody tell this guy that. You also go back by swiping right or left

  4. Mole

    How about you show him how to actually use the iPhone… The gestures, 3D touch, etc.. are actually very intuitive, but he did not even know about them?

  5. Joshua Hayes

    i like android over ios, i would use ios if i could customize my device more; unlike android you can do whatever with it w/out apple ecosystem

    Edit: all those dislikes are from people who experienced ios only or most of the time and see the bad side of android without exploring the endless possibilities of android customization

  6. Anindya Ganguly

    How does these dumb folks get to review phones and I don't. I love my LG v30+ and pixel 2 xl. I did own an oppo a57 for a year. And yes, a Windows 1320 for 4 years. They were all better than iPhone which my roomie owns. Apple phones are just too expensive. I wanted to buy a Mac book, but again it ain't really that great for multi tasking and gaming. Being an avid fortnite player, I need an ok processor stuff. My Acer lap offers me that.

    And iPhones suck, I said it out loud, iPhones suck.

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