A Great Phone That Isn't For Everyone – Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review

The full review of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Smartphone that has a 6.9″ screen.
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In this video I review one of the biggest phones available on the market called the Xiaomi Mi Max 3.
This phone has a super big 6.9″ Screen and is powered by the Snapdragon 636.
Throughout this video you can find out everything from the phone’s performance, to the screen’s brightness, check out sample pictures and videos and much more.

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23 Replies to “A Great Phone That Isn't For Everyone – Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review”

  1. alex gardner

    I am using this amazing device in the U.S. on AT&T with no problems. It gets by pretty well with its Band 4 LTE support, and it never loses 4g connection around where I live. I've never taken it out the area, but I'm not concerned because it supports all the H+ bands just fine.

  2. Ajeet Paul

    My big B with love could u pls pls tell me how did u install google in home screen….pls..I brought mi max 3 until very recently…everything is good chrome UC browser…but I would love to see google in my screen first…pls I,ll BE waiting for you good response…IT,S my humble request.

  3. michobebemckawi

    hey guys, did any of you who bought the 6 Gb / 128 Gb chinese version had problems making phone calls when you first received the phone and had to reflash it in order for it to work? I heard that from a few users and that got me afraid of buying is this 6gb version because it's not available as "Global"

  4. Nameless

    I don't care about the build as I Always buy my phones for cash and always use a case and glass screen protector. i care about a good flat screen that can take a screen saver, open bootloader and good rear cameras. Is moving from a mate 10 alp29 a backwards move?

  5. Abdul Saboor

    I upgraded to Mate 20X after Mi Max 2. I had RR Rom and gcam on Mi Max 2 with SwiftOpen and Nova launchers. I have to admit, I miss my Mi Max 2 :p Maybe in the future when we have 5g, I will upgrade to Mi Max 4?!?! 🙂

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