A Month with the Galaxy Active 2 by Samsung: The Most Complete Smartwatch; but …

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I’ve spent a month with the Galaxy Watch Active 2: 30 Days, 16 full battery cycles, 32 workouts, 292754 total steps. And continuous heartrate and sleep monitoring; Which are the thoughts hiding behind these numbers? Check out the video for the Galaxy Watch Active 2!

No doubt – it is beautifully packed, and feels like one of the most premium watches I’ve recently tested. Taking the pieces out one by one – there ain’t be that much to cover – just the watch, the charging dock and … that’s it, besides the user guide and the rest of the papers. The specs are pretty interesting – in-house developed Exynos processor, 1.5GB RAM, 4GB flash, most of the current connectivity protocols, including GPS, and integrated 350mah battery. And as usual – these specs mean nothing until we check the performance.
Top end hardware deserves top end features and OS – and we are already reviewing the software. First of all – about features, it is phenomenal what Samsung have created from a scratch. Tizen OS is something they’ve worked hard on for years, and results start to be paying off. Lots of apps, even navigation options. Countless menus, many settings. BUT. The navigation… quite obvious that Samsung want to go their own way – the top button is the back button, the bottom one is the home button. Most of the watches support the swipe right gesture for going back, not here though. Guess this is the way Samsung make a point that this watch has nothing to do with WearOS. It’s a pity because the gesture is used by many others. Looks like I’m not the only one complaining – should be a few lines of code away from implementing. Some of the other gestures will sound familiar – swipe down to get access to the quicksettings. Plenty of good apps to be installed from the store – Uber, Spotify, Strava, HereWeGo – which is used for maps. Expanding the functionality is possible, and the sports addons will certainly make some athletes happy.
Messaging is the other big strength – you can respond to messages, there are some predefined answers, and a virtual keyboard! So you can totally maintain some communication without involving the phone.
There also are a lot of sports modes – which you can choose and configure. Most of them can involve the GPS function.
The other significant drawback is the battery life. If you keep the always on display, you will hardly go beyond day and a half, in some rare cases – two days. Having to recharge that often is definitely going to affect the consistency of the data collected – you may forget the watch after it’s recharged, or miss a sleep tracking – if there’s the habit to charge things over night. Of course – with some better planning you may overcome these limitations and apparently I’ve collected a lot of good data.
The sleeping tracking is very precise, I may only argue about the awake time duration – which is just not right and it detects awake times at moments I’m pretty sure I’m sleeping;
In the app you will see all your sports records.
I was definitely having fun wearing the Active 2; It feels like the most complete smartwatch out there at the moment – and one of the very few that can be helpful for organizing your daily activities and follow-up on calendar events.


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42 Replies to “A Month with the Galaxy Active 2 by Samsung: The Most Complete Smartwatch; but …”

  1. Kenny Zraht

    never understood why one needs the 'always on' option. I never have it on, because I only glance at my watch when I need to know the time, or, when I am out walking/running, I need to check briefly my stats which take a few seconds anyway. But that's just me.

  2. Max Hoffmann

    Samsung Health is bullshit, but sensors itself are very accurate. Use GearTracker app, in combination with Strava-app and you will have a full and very accurate sport-tracker! Soo much better than Samsung Health.

  3. Bass Boosted

    I like how it can take ECG and blood pressure i don't have any hearth diseases and the watch also tels me my hearth is in good condition but i know someone who has a hearth disease and i let the smart watch take a ECG from him and yep like expected the smart watch alerted what hearth disease he may mave and what symptoms he could have and he should seek medical help so it works really good the blood pressure and ECG feature are not available in every part of the world because of some weird rules

  4. Samuele Sprecace

    Do you know how to install applications while not having the galaxi store not being a samsung phone? I need help because it will arrive tomorrow and I don't know what to expect.

  5. Marcel Katz

    Isn't there VO2max, blood pressure monitoring, ECG and Samsung Pay coming to the Active2 or already there?

    Did you have the chance to test it? What your opinion on this?

    BIG THX for your reviews!

  6. Robert Adams

    Great review! Quick question, can I op out of some of the battery draining functions? I don't need to track everything all the time 😒. I really need quick access to phone and text when I'm at work. Anyway to increase battery life and selectively disable any other functions? Thanks ✌

  7. James G

    We've had the LTE one for two days and despite disabling all the stuff people recommend it still struggles to even make it through a 10 hr shift. The only way to even get that was to keep the phone close and Bluetooth on and mobile network and wifi turned off. That makes it a cheaper Bluetooth version… it's pointless if it can't last a solid 24 hours without completely gimping the features.

  8. Tove Thunstedt

    Hi! I have a question that I'm having trouble finding the answer to anywhere online, but I would really not want to buy the watch before knowing this:
    If I use the watch without eSim, can I still leave my phone at home when I go jogging and record my run with GPS tracking using only the watch? And how does that work with the recorded workout once it's finished? Because I'm guessing when you have your phone and your watch near eachother they are connected via Bluetooth and it's obvious that the recorded training would go from your watch to the Samsung Health app in the phone (I always use Samsung Health for my runs). But if you leave your phone at home and start the recording of the run manually on your watch on the Samsung Health widget (Because I'm hoping you can always start a run manually on the watch and not have to wait for it to start automatically once you start running?), does the data from the run "jump over" to the phone when you get back home and re-connect them via Bluetooth again? Or does the recorded run stay in my watch and can't be transferred to S.H-app in my phone?
    Sorry for a very long and complicated question, but I hope I made myself understood!
    I would be eternally grateful for an answer

  9. Chuck F

    Very well done. Thank you. Do you have a tutorial for the watch on YouTube? I'm a tech challenged older guy and my son got this for me when my Garmin Vivofit died after many years of use. He set me up with some basics but I'm on my own now and although I've learned to use some of the features, after watching this video I know I'm missing out on a lot of functions I would like to be able to master, particularly regarding navigation and fitness.

  10. Tylesha aka Tye

    The sensor cover on the back came off before I even had it for a year. Despite the claim that it's waterproof and it's geared toward the active person, the carrier and manufacturer refuse to repair or replace the watch claiming water damage even though I've never submerged my watch and I do not sweat heavily.

  11. Ko Latt

    all active 2 show faulty notification functions. No notifications for whatsapp, email and viber, sms messages too. It shows only first day when u start using it.

  12. Brian M

    Nice video…..but Wearable app, a battery drainer? No way. I've been using this app with S3 Frontier, Galaxy Watch and now Watch Active 2 on Note 5, Note8, Note9, Note10 plus… Battery usage is insignificant. I suggest you look at your phone settings, or buy a good phone. 😉

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