a very chatty unboxing video **2018 iPad Pro 11 inch**

2018 IPAD PRO 11 INCH UNBOXING VIDEO // in which i unbox my 2018 iPad Pro!

filmed on january 28th, 2020.


k, so i found this footage in a folder on my laptop and i totally forgot i filmed this LOL. i assume i had every intention of posting it, but school got busy and i didn’t have the time to edit and i guess i just forgot. but have no fear, because it’s up now- 5 months later… but 5 months is better than no months LMAO.

also, editing this made me hella nostalgic, if only january leah knew what was in store for her… also rip to my room is was so cute. idk watching this back made me miss school even more, like wow i was really glowing (could’ve been the sd sweat, but still).

also, would u like a “how i take notes on my ipad pro video?” like it would be fun to film but also like school is over so idk if people even care or are interested??

-love, leah

where else to find me on the interwebs:

email… contactleahlorraine@gmail.com

some frequently asked questions:

-how old are you? i am 19!!
-when is your birthday? july 12th!
-what is your ethnicity? i am chinese :))
-what camera do you use? i mainly use a canon g7x mark ii
-what do you use to edit? imovie! (i made a video on it hehe)
-what school do you go to? i am currently in my second year at san diego state university!!
-what do you study? i am a marketing major with a minor in political science!
-where are you from? chicago, illinois!

thanks again for watching :)))))))


43 Replies to “a very chatty unboxing video **2018 iPad Pro 11 inch**”

  1. mags

    I’m out here watching videos to see which iPad I want to get, the iPad 12.9 2020 is the one I want but it’s too expensive but I was watching iPad 12.9 2018 and it’s practically the same except the camera but some people say the iPad 11 is also good so idk

  2. D Valenita

    Love your mom 😂, my mom won’t be like that, I’ve been talking about ipad since last year and I haven’t bought one yet
    I know how it feels, it’s not cheap and I’m looking for refurbished one too but in Australia apple store I almost find none.. even if there’s, it’s like 1TB which I don’t need it 🙁

  3. Dusu Sidibay

    This is highkey my favorite unboxing video. Usually I like the ones where no one talks because it’s satisfying to watching but I loved this one because your energy is immaculate 🤩 like I want to be your friend because I know you’d keep me entertained

  4. Brooklyn Micole

    If your a student you can get Apple products cheaper especially in August you get free AirPods and $100 off Mac, iPads and iMacs so it’s worth it just go to Apple.com and scroll to the bottom and press shop education and everything is cjesper

  5. branchii s

    I've been watching your video for like the third time now like broo l love your energy so much! I'm also getting my iPad pro as well and I literally can't wait!!!!!!! Just trying to say that I really love your videos and your personality! Thank you for posting this???!! LMAO

  6. lauren lucey

    can someone tell me if it’s weird that i want the old ipad pro just because i feel like the extra camera would annoy me on the new one idk 😂😂

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