A Week On The Wrist: Apple Watch Series 4

Last week, Apple announced a new generation of Apple Watch and HODINKEE managing editor Stephen Pulvirent was among those fortunate enough to be loaned one for a review. He’s spent the last six days wearing the Series 4, putting it through its paces.

He’s been checking out all those new, supposedly life-changing features that were exuberantly spoken about during Apple’s keynote presentation at the perfectly-appointed Steve Jobs Theater. He’s been exploring the updated operating system, watchOS 5, to see how the Apple Watch is changing at the platform level. He’s been thinking a lot about Apple’s long-term vision for the Apple Watch and how it’s starting to come into clearer focus. And, finally, he’s been thinking about how the Apple Watch Series 4 stands up as a product on its own merits and whether or not I think you should open up your Macbook, launch Safari, and pre-order one right now.

Let’s get into it.

25 Replies to “A Week On The Wrist: Apple Watch Series 4”

  1. Pocket Gaming

    misleading, a lot of these videos are misleading but not all apple watch models supports watch os 5, the first gen apple watch and first gen apple watch sport and i think apple edition but im not sure.

  2. Dai Nguyen

    Maybe apple watch 6 or 7 coming out then i buy it solely for gym practice or casual day at work w no meeting, or places i can just be chill but need some casual tech device for purposes.

  3. moose185

    How do you wear the Milanese loop? I wear the part he has at the top at the bottom is that correct. From looking on the Apple site that’s how they have it. Can someone confirm how they wear it?

  4. GunDog Jr.

    Apart from the health monitoring aspects, and viewing a crafty text in a meeting, it’s really no hassle to take your phone out of your pocket and enjoy photos, videos, the net etc on a decent size screen, rather than that tiny one. Dedicated watches can be things of beauty that can complement your outfit and show good taste, whereas the Apple Watch is an unspeakably dull rectangle on a band.

  5. John Smith

    Why would you waste your money on this shit when you can save for a Rolex or a Patek.

    Only idiots wear a “smart watch”. Smart people wear real watches like Rolex and Patek.

  6. chuckielong1

    Tbh the apple watch is great. I used to be skeptical of it until i decided to get one while it was on sales to test it out. A lot of people complain about the battery life but i mean i go to work at 8am get home from work, run errands, gym, hang out with friends etc and be home by 10-11pm almost everyday and still have about 30% to spare everyday. Then you just slap it onto the charger before you go to bed just like how you would plug in your phone every night but i dont see anyone complaining about that. At the end of the day it is a great product and you have to try it out yourself before you knock it i guess. Sure a nee model comes out almost every year but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the version 2 or something 3 years from now, it will be slow sure but its not like all of it function suddenly stopped working. My coworker still uses the v1 and hes happy with his, it does what he needs it to do, tell time and gives him notification while hes at work. Does it hold value? Nah prob not but its just one of those items where its price at a decent point enough where people don’t feel bad upgrading it when a new version comes out, plus apple to take in old model so when new model comes out you only paying a small ammount to get the new model maybe 100-200? It is an item where i think many will spend the money on rather than saving up for a rolex or something which can run up wel above 2k. Again this watch is target toward the average joe who don’t really care as much for mechanical watch or what not so.

  7. Jim Beam

    I don’t consider this a watch, it’s more of an extension of your phone. It’s good for working out and that’s about it. Funny thing is some clowns believe this thing is some sort of status symbol.?

  8. C. Luck

    If you're into mechanical watches enough you'll wear one. I like the idea of the apple watch but i'd rather wear my omega speedmaster. So instead i just bought a fitbit charge 3, that does all my heart rate steps and calories without looking like another watch. It all depends on how you view watches, for me I will never replace my mechanical piece. It just has too much emotional value to me.

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