9 Replies to “a7iii/A7R3/A9 improved iOS 12 raw support import speed test ipad pro”

  1. ZioComposite

    Hi Daniel, regarding the imported raw photos are they sharp via the ipad? Have imported to my 10.5 pro and the pictures are blurry via Photos & Lightroom app. Now looking at these same files via desktop Capture one they are sharp. Any idea what is going on here and how to solve?

  2. Terence VAN

    Hi Daniel, would like to ask your 92 photos, are they all in raw? Are they all take with A7III or using other Sony DSLR? If they are not taking by A7III, can you test it agin if iPad can import the raw from A7III?

  3. David Böttinger

    Great video again! I sold my iPad Pro 10.5 because the import process was so slow and you were not able to select multiple images the way that you did and the idea that I need 50Gb of free space to import images to Lightroom drove me crazy. I really love the hardware, the processor in there and the screen is just outstanding! On tip: after you marked a whole line you can continue to select complete lines by swiping down, it will automatically select a whole line. You seemd to be a little confused about that feature. Have a nice evening!☺️

  4. Juraj Hatina

    Hi Daniel! Thanks for the video once again. Can't you just connect the iPad directly to the Sony's USB via the USB adapter from Apple and import the pictures that way? Would that actually work?

  5. Dave Pruett

    I have no problem importing pictures from SDXC1 cards, but SDXC2 cards are not recognized. I have an iPad Pro and am running IOS12. I have had my card reading dongle a long time. Do I need a newer one to read SDXC2 cards?

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