Advanced iOS Tips You Probably Don't Know!

You might know iOS pretty well. But do you know it THIS well?
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iOS has been around for a lot of years and new features are added frequently. Some are obvious and even highlighted in the keynote; however, a lot of iOS tricks are hidden deep into menus and even without contextual cues. This video unveils the most rare and unusual iOS tips that exist!

48 Replies to “Advanced iOS Tips You Probably Don't Know!”

  1. Edward Carlo Abarilla

    Just wanna say, highlighting by 3D touching the keyboard, you don't have to press it 'even harder' , you just have to 3D touch it again normally, even faintly. There are no 2 levels of hardness for that job.

  2. j

    How do we get app banners from appearing in Safari? That is one of the most annoying things about using Safari.

  3. j

    Blackberry's Androids DO have Undo and other widely used keyboard shortcuts. For iOS, I map "Shake" to an assistive touch function like quick press, press and hold, or 3d touch, making undo/redo slightly less idiotic to do. Seriously, ALL mobile OS vendors should have already made undo/redo part of the the long press pop-up GUI menus and also available via keyboard shortcut button combinations. Why Apple hasn't put the Command (⌘), control (⌃), and/or option (⌥) keys on its iOS onscreen keyboard (or the secondary number keyboard) to allow simple shortcut functionality is beyond any understanding other than that it is continuing to deliberately dumbing down the user experience as if no mobile operating system vendor has ever included this functionality. Every version of Windows Mobile before the debacles of Windows Phone 7/8/10 has Undo, Redo, and other edit functions mapped to typical keyboard shortcuts systemwide regardless of app and were available (again, regardless of app) via long presses on the screen. The lack of systemwide intuitive and available functionality via keyboard and long-press menu isn't just on Apple, it's on everyone (except Blackberry).

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